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  1. So ever since I bought my BenQ over a year ago I have had mixed feelings about it. I don't know if it's just me but I feel as if I can never get the settings correct on it. When I first bought it I used it for a month and then switched back to the Asus Vh236h because something felt off, and I weirdly enough thought it affected my gameplay. I noticed a decent amount of motion blur on the BenQ and felt as if my shot struggled more while using it. Now that being said, I've been using the BenQ again for 7-8 months but still find myself constantly messing with the settings through the monitor and display settings on the Xbox One. Does anybody know the actual HCS Settings or Best settings to use while using a BenQ? I am currently using the following: Settings on BenQ RTS 1 Brightness 85 Contrast 50 Sharpness 1 Black Eq 0 RGB 100/100/100 AMA High Instant Mode On HDMI Auto Switch Off 0~255 PC RGB Range (is that what it's called? the one where the choices are 0~255 or 16~235) Settings on Xbox One Advanced Settings -Instead of Auto-Detect I have it set to HDMI -Instead of Standard I have it set to RGB PC I've researched settings so much while using this monitor, more-so than any monitor I've ever used, and have yet to find some definite answer to my dilemma.
  2. Honestly... How is FiS still not on a team. I've watched his stream and VoD and he's crazy good at H5
  3. watched it... then re-watched it... Jesus? me> How you doing that? jumpr> Doing what? me> walking on water.
  4. man Sam you're just shutting me down today aren't you :P touché sir, touché
  5. I refer AA's and No Descope as add ons I purely meant core game mechanics - hit scan BR/4 shot
  6. Yeah I was trying to be sarcastic in the reference that Bravo was hired and look how H4 turned out :P
  7. if anybody ever hears of any Iowa tournaments or has a LAN then hit me up. I got a few people who would gladly join in.
  8. It seems a lot think of Reach and automatically write it off because of Pre-Patch with bloom (which I think is honestly worse then no de-scope). Reach NBNS settings with the Anniversary map pack was one of my favorite settings honestly. I enjoyed H3 more because of nostalgia and all the people I played with. But I enjoyed Reach NBNS more than H3 if comparing settings. Only thing missing was a hit scan BR instead of the DMR and that didn't really bother me too much. Way I figure, you get in a BR fight and you lose because 1 out of the 3 bullets hit, but your opponent gets all 3 to hit. Seems random. DMR you miss because you plain and simple - missed. H3 had better maps. But countdown flag was honestly one of my favorite halo gametypes. I don't know why, just enjoyed it..
  9. I'm sure im in this thread somewhere but add me for FFA's, Octagons, 4v4 Customs, etc. gamertag: vvakKey
  10. H4 at it's core is a great game. 4 shot BR, hit scan (omgxorz my shots register!?!?!) all the add-ons.... blowwwwww Same with H:Reach. Good core gameplay, horrible add-ons. H3 Pros - Maps, Okay core game mechanics (stuck to halo basics though should of kept BR hit scan), Maps, and um Maps. Cons - Okay core game mechanics (wtf will you die?)
  11. Final Boss Golden Era Montage and of course the Str8 Rippin Montage
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