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  1. Team of 2 needs 2 for Chattanooga. Serious inquiries only. Message the following gamer tags to try out: Zurg Breezy CE
  2. Just as the topic states. Serious and talented inquirys only. Message any one of these GTs: Zurg Breezy CE Cashmere Key
  3. Message me my GT: Zurg We are competeing in Chattanooga
  4. ViceRoy Gaming has recently dropped our 4th and we are looking for a skillful, smart player. We are competing in Chattanooga in September so you must also be able to attend that too. If you are interested and want to try out, you can message any one of these gamer tags: Zurg Breezy CE Key Garrix We practice everyday usually starting around 4pm EST so dedication is a must.
  5. GT: Zurg Jacksonville, FL

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