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  1. I am looking for a team for the 2018 hcs season. Im on everyday 6 or 7 central time until whenever. Message me on xbox if interested. Mythic BG
  2. Looking for a team who grinds everyday. I am on every day of the week central time from 630-7 pm to the latest 2am. I will be available for weekends for the open circuit and will be willing to go to the summer finals lan in atlanta. GT is Mythic BG. Hmu to run games.
  3. Add me on xbox to run some games. GT is Mythic BG.
  4. I am a f/a looking for a team. I am looking for a team who grinds games out together, looks over film and starting strats, and wants to go further in the competitive scene. I am central timezone and get on from at latest 7pm-12 every day of the week and weekends if the team wants to get on. Gt is Mythic BG.
  5. Thinking about heading out there to compete. Gamertag is Mythic BG. hmu to run games sometime.
  6. I am looking for a team as well for season 2. I grind everyday on the weekdays and weekends. I will be able to play in all open circuit matches as well. My GT is Mythic BG. Send me a message if you want to run games.
  7. I am a free agent for season two. Looking for a team who grinds daily, is willing to learn and get better, and wants to compete in the open circuit for season two. I competed in the last two weeks for season one with a team that was just thrown together. I want to have a set team for season two. GT is Mythic BG.
  8. I am a F/A looking for a long term team. I want to try and compete in all online tournaments and want to compete in season 2 open circuit. GT is Mythic BG
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