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  1. Sounds good. As long as we get at least 8 players.
  2. I know it wont, die hard halo fan has to buy xbox one.
  3. Everyone would bring their own xbox/monitor and games. So I figure everyone would bring Halo 2, 3, reach, and 4. I'd be willing to lan any of the games.
  4. I want to compete at AGL. I am a decent player, I would like to practice with a team or put one together. I am going to Indianapolis for sure, but I would much rather buy a team pass than a ffa/spectators pass. We'd have a little over week to practice and run games if anyone is wanting to put a team together. Halo 3, or Halo 4. I'm open to either game. Or buy a pass for both H3 and H4. My GT is: Twistedpp. I don't plan on winning a very high place having a last minute team, but would be fun to compete.
  5. The xbox one doesn't appeal to me a whole lot, mainly because I just want a gaming console. I'm not into having my whole entertainment center into one console. I wont get the xbox one until Halo 5 comes out. Maybe some kind of special xbox with a halo scheme or something. $500 is a lot of money to drop on a gaming system. Halo 5 would be the main reason why I buy it, unless H5 is available for the 360.
  6. If your asking based on gameplay and editing both, this has got to be my favorite Halo montage. This is a longer montage but I loved watching it. Haven't watched in awhile, but just did when I seen this post. Still enjoyed it.
  7. I'd like to get a Lan going. Who lives near the dayton area, or would be willing to travel? I'm looking for atleast 8 players to attend. Run customs. It could be a all weekend ordeal. I would like to get it sometime after Thanksgiving. I have a nice sized place, game all night, order some pizza. Just let me know if someone else is hosting one, if not, I should be able to host one this winter. Msg me on my GT: twistedpp or on here.

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