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  1. Jordon (son) is the CEO/co-owner, Principal (Dad) is the Co-CEO/co-owner, Sondra General (Mom)- is the Chief Marketing Officer/co-owner
  2. Back in 08' i was a huge TD/Hysteria fan and i still remember those epic battles they had with Instinct but what really pissed me off was how good Roy's BR was at the time. I've always hated the twins, especially Roy, but i have to give mad respect to how good they were
  3. They were heavily mismanaged in the beginning of 2017 and a lot of their decisions during that time really set them up for failure
  4. Spartan and Suspector haven't placed in the top 6 at all this year
  5. I thought carlos and zeke had beef? Looks like an odd mix of personalities but it's still a great team on paper
  6. He's right just check 3.7 of the rulebook- https://www.esl-one.com/fileadmin/user_upload/pro-league/halo/HCS_Pro_League_Summer_2017_Season_Handbook.pdf. I've never rooted for EG before but i will tomorrow
  7. I'd imagine that'd be the reason why there's still a stream standstill but we all should know that tsquared will find a way to bend some rules for his beloved org with the help of his pals at esl
  8. As much as i hate every person on that halo 2 final boss squad this is just another level of salt
  9. ESL needs to let go of tsquared after this season if he's gonna make unprofessional and bias statements on stream. They should reach out to Gandhi and see if he wants to cast
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