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  1. To OP, u could also test this with multiple people in the game, to see if there is more of a drastic difference in the crosshair placement. More people in the game could also put more stress on the CPU or whatever, just a thought
  2. So I guess the nV CLG scrim went, what, 9-5 nV? Yeah, I'm disappointed no one streamed the scrims but it's not like there is any obligation for pros to. This was also the first scrim that CLG has lost since they first formed pretty sure. My point being, this was one scrim. It was bound to happen for CLG to lose a scrim, anyway. Granted, nV looks like a great team but the season hasn't even started yet. If anything this probably makes CLG even more hungry to prove people wrong. Whether people would agree with me or not, CLG is still hands down the best team in the league. One scrim isn't going to change that.
  3. They have already said that scrimming AM teams would be a waste of time for the most part and that there would need to be circumstances in play in order for them to play a team. They have in the past anyway. Though i do agree, it is probably better than just MM, but at the same time playing AM teams probably wouldn't do them much good since the skill gap between the two teams is a bit higher compared to playing other pro teams where the skill gap is obviously smaller.
  4. Using claw makes it easier to press the face buttons and can allow you to excel in game (pressing boost button or Y Ying more efficiently). However, claw can be a learning curve which why a lot of pros and am players like myself use scuf/elite controllers so we have paddles to more easily access the face buttons. like I have X and A mapped to left and right respectfully. I also play bumper jumper
  5. This is my first post on the forums so I just wanted to say hi to all, and with my first post I just want to say that Luminosity definitely looks like one of the best if not the best roster that was formed after season 1 finals. Really happy for all the guys on the team.
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