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  1. So unfortunate wish there was a way to rewind the game or something and start from where the controller disconnected
  2. I’m not really a fan of ninja but if you can’t respect how crazy his rise has been idk what to say playing with drake is next level
  3. It’s really sad to see money making all the decisions in esports. Decisions like this and having Csgo pro league matches streamed on fucking Facebook, show that the people in charge have no connection to the fans and only see numbers
  4. This announcement has actually gotten me excited for halo again which is a pleasant surprise. Great timing with dreamhack this weekend
  5. Out of all the new pros in h5 I think renegade has the highest skill ceiling the shit he was pulling of was absolutely insane
  6. The fact that gameplay like that is overshadowed by the shitshow that is 343 and ESL is the saddest thing in esports
  7. Every time I get a little optimistic reality has to hit I don't know how I keep getting my hopes up at this points
  8. The aggressiveness and team shot of splyce was too much to handle must've been so frustrating for optic to be on the receiving end
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