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  1. Yeah I have a Series S and most of my friends also have xboxes. I'll definitely look into Siege. For some reason I never payed any attention to the game.
  2. The only way I'd play maps like Lockout and Sanctuary again is with tweaks like that. Looks great.
  3. Is anyone playing any BF 2042? I'm curious if the game is worth $30 since I'm just looking for a casual multiplayer game to play with friends.
  4. I can't enjoy playing Infinite. I tried but the game just isn't fun. If you decide to make a FPS, then the aiming has to work. This shouldn't have to be said but for some reason I'm complaining about not being able to aim in a Halo game. This shit is unbelievable.
  5. Yeah lol I just found out its probably in as equipment. At least its not a base ability anymore.
  6. I'm gonna reserve any negative comments I have until I get some game time in this weekend, but I'm glad to see the strafe looks crispy, GP, Spartan Charge, and thrust are gone, and the game menus, weapon designs and overall art style look much better than H5. So even though Infinite won't be exactly what I want, it does look like it's shaping up to be what I was expecting, which is a fun game I can play with my friends for the next couple of years.
  7. Can you change my name to "Szantana"? Thanks.
  8. I never played a lot of infection but I think that's a good idea. It has potential to be better than what we got in 4 and 5. I think it would be great to have maps that spawn you on one end and have an objective for you to reach on the other end so you avoid situations where half the players are sitting in the same spot not moving.
  9. Seeing H3 up on the big screen is so fkng awesome. Loving this
  10. Since I don't have a gaming pc, Halo Online has got me really hyped for the MCC fixes and improvements. Hopefully 343 gets this right. Also this Neighbor stream is awesome
  11. I'll be attending the event as well. Unfortunately I'll be getting there Saturday morning and leaving Sunday night so I won't be there that long but this will be my first Halo event so I'm still pretty psyched. If my beyond hoodie gets to me in time I'll be wearing that so I'll be easy to spot. If not I'll post what I'm wearing. Even though I don't post much I'm always on the site so It would be cool to meet some of you guys.
  12. Really enjoying these games. I feel like this is the strongest top 4 we've had in Halo 5.
  13. When is the store getting updated with new apparel? The finals in Seattle will be my first Halo tournament ever and I was hoping I could rep the forums.
  14. I just had fun playing CTF on Torque for the first time ever. I haven't seen Regret flag or Stasis SH yet. Hopefully we can add at least one new map to the HCS rotation.
  15. I'd really like to see damage per death instead of total damage. Total damage doesn't mean much to me.
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