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  1. Rarely post but just throwing my 2c in here. The problem isn't that Multi doesn't know what he's talking about (and much of what he says just reaffirms my hesitation to apply for 343 or be in the industry myself) but rather his reputation and behavior. Rarely do you have someone who's behavior and morals are so abhorrent yet his understanding and perspective of things regarding the industry and design are exceptional. Valaea is spot on comparing him to Kanye, and like Kanye whatever genius Multi has and success that may stem from it will always be shunted by his behavior. I can only speak for myself, but from what I have seen from other posters here it seems the eye rolling comes from his attitude rather than relevant content. I'm sure he doesn't care, because much like myself when it comes to certain subjects of design it becomes all too easy to roll your eyes at the children with such a rudimentary understanding of certain subjects. If you want to be in the industry, you should be striving to be the best version of yourself and not an asshole towards the people who's approval you need. And don't post drunk.
  2. Hey all, I know the Team Beyond community is mostly MP centric, but I wanted to share the latest news on our campaign revamp of Halo CE. We released the first 6 missions last June, and a number of people here were quite happy with what we produced. Unlike most mods, we have focused heavily on having a high skill gap, plenty of levels of complexity to the combat, enemies and weapon all with retaining what we felt made Halo 1 so great. You can view the release trailer here: If there is anyone from the Team Beyond community who is interested in doing a review, or interested in doing some testing in the roughly 1 month we have before full release, we'd be more than happy to include you. I've always had a deep level of respect for the discussions people have here, and would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and listen to your feedback.
  3. Hey all! Hope you've all been having fun with SPV3, we have released a new patch (3.0.2) over the weekend that addresses several issues. SPV3.0.2 brings new stability, revised cinematic music, revised terminals, and other quality of life fixes to SPV3. See bottom of post for changelog. If you downloaded 3.0.1 in the last 24 hours, there is no change to this update other than updates to the terminals. --------------------------------------------- **If you have SPV3.0.0 currently installed, download this file.** Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2ppz20doz96hh18/SPV3.0.2_PATCH.zip --------------------------------------------- **If you have Halo Custom Edition already installed, simply download this file.** Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3bttthggowojkjf/SPV3.0.2_Mod_Content.zip This includes the patch to Halo CE 1.10, Open Sauce 4.0, and all the mod content. Open the readme, and the rest of the instructions are in there. ----------------------------------------------- **If you *don't* have Halo Custom Edition already installed, get yourself a CD Key, and download this file** Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g7s3wecjdibyswv/SPV3.0.2_Mod_Content_and_Game.zip Now open up the readme, follow the instructions there! If you have any issues installing, refer yourself to the stickied support thread. ------------------------------------------------- **VIDEO TUTORIAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4V7lBeUb-g** ------------------------------------------------- **Change Log** ###Global### -Terminals Revised -Cinematic music lowered. -Updated Gungoose physics. -Made a change to rocket hog gunner AI which should reduce accidental deaths. -Increased DMR damage vs Elite and Brute shields. -Warthog bullets reduced damage vs other vehicles. -Gold Elite shield strength boosted. -Downgraded fuel rod explosion particles for better performance. -Updated text in Skulls menu to reflect changes + notice of controller support, FOV change, and other info. -Shadow HP reduced. -Removed taunting behavior from Rocket Launcher marines... so they don't fire at the ground and kill themselves. -Changed time of doublespeed and renamed to "Reflexes Enhanced" -Focus Rifle zoom levels adjusted -Powerups now tell you how many seconds they last. -Brute Shot posing animation fixed. -Gungoose passenger animations has been improved. -Shredder firing sound volume reduced -Removed a Focus Rifle melee animation that should have not been included. -AR firing and reload sound volume has been increased. -Fixes to Keyes's model. -Particle Carbine display has been improved. -Spec Ops SMG HUD now says "2x" while zooming. -Added video tutorial link to readme. -Gravity grenades should not "fly" in rare instances. -Fixed broken controller support link in readme (that's this document!). -Plasma grenades now do extra damage when stuck to vehicles. -Fixed dev text glitch on all missions. -Improved gungoose physics when dropped by Pelicans. -Ghost boost removed. -Overall stability improved. -Changed default motion blue amount. (We still advise all players to play without it) -Fixed a mispelling when picking up the Mantis Skull. -Void's Tear gravity effect now uses the updated system for the gravity grenades. (no more flying!) -Fixed the Specop Sniper rifle from saying "Loading... done" instead of displaying picked up ammo. -Made edit to Plasma Rifle animations. -Fixed a bug that didn't let all of Cortana's shaders display. -Addressed an issue that could potentially mess with the Specop BR firing 4 bullets at once. ###Pillar of Autumn### -Made main window in Sub engine room in POA always have a broken window. -Fixed a bad checkpoint after you first get the Reflex Enhancer powerup. -Fixed a rare issue where players could have reflexive damage effects if quitting after opening cutscene. -Placed a door that was missing. -fixed a crooked display board in new area. -Swapped ammo packets for DMR and made them DMR ammo boxes. -Moon Skull does not show up on normal and heroic anymore. -Fixed clipped barrel at Covenant Datapad #1. -Fixed the first Covenant Datapad being labeled as the second. -Fixed an issue where you could be pushed through the map after seeing the lifepods being destroyed. -Removed testmap area to save space on file size. -Removed unfinished destroyable computer banks. -Fixed misplaced bashable door. -Added some crates to ladders that are unclimbable so players don't get confused. -Fixed Covenant sounds not playing in one of their boarding craft. -Fixed an issue with color weights on the bulletin boards. -Fixed an oxygen tank intersecting a wall. ` ###Halo### -Fixed an issue where the top of alpha base would report area clear before all AI are dead, and not show navpoint. -fixed an issue in Halo where the alpha base ammo cache rear door would be open even if front door wasn't bashed in. -AA wraith in Halo starts with lower health. -Removed old button press promt at a radio antenna. -Fixed a broken string entry for the AA Wraith -Mantis Skull does not show up on normal and heroic anymore and challenge encounter can no longer be "skipped". -Made first phantom in halo take off soon as it deploys it's troops. -Second warthog navpoint fixed. ###Truth and Reconciliation### -Restored a line of dialog that rarely played in the original game. -Phantom won't be called in if player if the wraith is occupied at the gravlift. -If Pelican flies in the grav lift area, banshee waves are activated. -Moved an object players were not supposed to see further way so it can't be seen with VISR. ###The Silent Cartographer Classic### -Added final lightmaps that didn't render in time for initial release. -Made a fix to security cutscene where the BSP didn't load correctly. ###The Silent Cartographer Evolved### -Removed egg on TSC:E hidden by Evolved team. (Sorry about that 343! We love you!) -Made some adjustments to placement of Covenant torches. -Fixed a log intersecting a rock. -Fixed an uplink crate that intersected the cliff. -Added more marines for beach assault. ###Assault on the Control Room### -Improved effect optimization on AOTCR -Fixed a crash in AOTCR when going up the elevator. -Made ending AOTCR change difficulty and start you back at the start of the game once completed. -Fixed missing control panels in lightbridge cave.
  4. Sorry for the months long delay in response, but never late than never. I am curious if any of your thoughts have changed with added playtime. -The Br is intended to be a jack of all trades, but not the best in all situations. While it is overall easier to land headshots on the grunts, jackals, and unshielded elites, it has more trouble vs shielded targets, and requires you to knock off brute helmets. Making all precision weapon highly accurate was something we intentionally did, as much as I do enjoy the H1 pistol. . -The DMR is superior at range and has the highest damage per trigger pulls of any precision weapon per clip. However, we did recently give it a boost against shields. It also can fire automatically like the H1 pistol, although at a lower rate of fire. One thing is does do that the other guns do not, is it travels at sniper like speeds removing the need to lead your shots. It also has the 5x zoom which is useful in some of the larger environments. -The specops SMG zoom is really only useful against taking out grunts, it's damage is the same as the regular. -The pistol occupies a very niche role for now. We try and make it the most available human headshot weapon, but it will really shine in part 2 where it's rapid fire unzoomed fire can take down flood quickly at close range when a CQC weapon isn't available. -The AR is designed to be mid range, but firing it at full auto won't result in you noticing that. It's best used in burst fire until you move in for the kill inc lose quarters. -Plasma Rifle damage is identical to the original, with obvious exceptions for the brutes. The PR does however have less effective heat dissipation the lower the battery goes. -Shredder is super effective vs flesh based targets, and does 2 stages of damage (damage on impact, and damage on shard detonation. That makes it the most effective weapon vs camo elites. It can of course, super combine on brutes taking them down faster than any other non power weapon. -Brute Plasma Rifle has more damage, lower rate of it. -Void's Tear has got an upgrade recently, to fix the effect "flying around". There is also an idea of a gravity banshee being kicked around, which would fire void's tearish like projectiles. It was always thought of to be a rare weapon that was a novelty. There is also some talk of making it drain when charged as well as be rechargeable like the other battery weapons. Thoughts? -SMG is basically the H1 AR, with faster animation, slightly smaller spread but with the addition of recoil. I have been debating lowering it's accuracy a tad. Thoughts? -Gravity Grenades also got the same fix as the void's tear, so it should be even better to use than before. -Glad to hear about the Focus Rifle, it was such a lowly regarded weapon in Reach and it seems to be a favorite in SPV3. We made so many changes to it and put a lot of thought as to how to make it work. -Plasma Pistols also don't let your shield recharge when charged. Do you still feel like to many weapons are ineffective vs shields? Do note that shield damage and strength for Elites has not been altered significantly, but Elite shield recharge times are greatly increased. -Blind Wolves are designed to be neutral until some are killed, then they go rabid and attack everything in sight. -Shotguns will be more common in the second half, for now we wanted it to be something you had to baby from the beginning of the map when received via loadout. Same via grenade launchers, although there are some technical limitations on making them on map pickups, but they are planned to be found in areas in part 2 where you don't have a pelican to choose your loadout. -We made some tweaks in regards to doublespeed in the patch, as well as renamed it to "Reflex Enhances". -Sadly the last half of the mission is a shadow of what we wanted it to be as we hit some limits way to late in development, but glad to know we were able to make them enjoyable as we were afraid of ending the first half of the game on a low note.
  5. Not exactly. I am going to assume you are speaking from past experience and haven't actually played the mod. The game handles controllers differently between MP and SP, plus we've actually made some enhancements for controller support. That said, depending on your mouse sensitivity, it can have an adverse effect on your controller so if you have issues they are easily fixable with third party apps. Although, people here are probably more highly attuned to the intricacies of the feedback from a controller, so you may be right! Would love to know if I am actually wrong about it. TSC:E isn't one of the missions I was head designed of, but it does so many things well (and then some not as well, but it's still quite an impressive level). Everyone on the team has a great appreciation for the level design of the first game, the very "round" encounters and a sense of mystery and discovery that the later games seemed to largely abandon (except oddly H4). Can't wait till you see the final run on AOTCR, that was something, I think you'll be pretty impressed by it, although it's earlier areas were somewhat crippled by limits in terms of just resources we could use. You may want to check out the "Halo" level walkthrough on my channel from a few months back, I go into some detail on how we designed the new areas. I believe at one point we calculated based on the types of vehicles we have, plus ways you can approach it on ground there is like something like 30 permutations of how you can handle those areas? The biggest design decision we made from the outset of the project was to keep a very H1 feel and retain many of it's gameplay values, while doing the things we liked from later games and wanted to see. The first game is still in my opinion the best, and I was motivated to get into modding and design when Halo 2 came out and nearly everything I loved about H1 was jettisoned. That is very kind of you, and thank you for making this thread! I have been wanting to join here for quite a while, and at one point was looking to get some testers from here as I greatly value the opinions from this community (even if things like sprint will be a hard sell). I mean yeah... the nice thing of it not being a base trait is that it can't necessarily ruin the game, and it can be totally ignored as nothing is built around it. Even the enemies that sprint is very useful tool to fight again (mainly skirmishers, some vehicles) can be handled effectively though other tools in the sandbox. I hope to stick around for quite some time here! I certainly have a lot of things I'd like to contribute to the discussion in this community.
  6. Lead developer here! Sprint was something we did because we knew some people would like it, but we also wanted to try to make it work in the context of Halo 1. I've always been a believer that sprint can work in Halo, just that the implementation has been sloppy and mis-directed. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, but the best way to find out would be to actually add it and see. We knew we wouldn't be changing the level geometry at all, nor did we believe anything should be built around sprint. Sprint to us is a tool for the player to use. There are times where you want to use it, times where you don't. Just like there are times to use a vehicle, a time to jump, a time to melee.. etc. We ultimately decided on 3 Armor Upgrades. VISR to increase the players visibility and highlight objects of interest. Health Regen as a passive ability, bringing you up to 66% of your health if you are injured, something we wanted to do to appeal to people who prefer close range brawls. Compared to the original game, we have much more health damaging weapons on the covenant side, and much more close quarters combat which was a heavy influence on this decision. And then sprint, as something that could give you more mobility and open up some special trick jumps to let you interact with old spaces in new way. The idea behind sprint was that sprint should be useful for traversing large environments, getting to new places you couldn't before, and reaching sub objectives faster (say getting to a vehicle in the middle of a turn so you can jack it, reaching a certain location for cover). We decided to time the length you can sprint, to be the same as that it takes your shield to recharge. So if you take fire and your shield goes down, you can run and sprint to a location for cover. The increase in player speed throws off the AI's tracking, which is calibrated for the players regular movement, giving the player the ability to evade incoming damage, if they move in an intelligent way (ie, they understand how the Ai's error cone system works). The thing is, if you sprint away and take damage, you'll still be waiting for your shield to start recharging while in cover. If you do get to cover and evade, you'll make it into the cover just as your shield is back, allowing you to instantly re-enter combat and getting rid of the wait time. Now this was in line with what we wanted for campaign gameplay, I have no doubt it would need to be tweaked in a multiplayer environment. But I am very interested in what members of this community think of the way we implemented it. There is some jankieness to it's implementation, but given the age of the game engine we didn't really have a better solution for it, as technically the player is riding in another biped.

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