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  1. I'm pretty interested, just hmu online gt: TheReaperLif3
  2. Same here, I'm usually a high onyx so add me whenever you want to run games gt: TheReaperLif3
  3. I'm looking for a team as well and I'm willing to run some games with you whenever you have time man! Just add me online GT: TheReaperLif3
  4. Still looking for that 4th? If so add me! iiTzZ Reaper
  5. You still looking for people to run games with? If so add me- iiTzZ Reaper
  6. Are you still looking for players to run with? If so add my account iiTzZ Reaper
  7. Hello everyone I've been trying to find/form a team for a while now. I've been playing halo at a competitive level since halo 3 and I'm pretty dedicated to grinding and gaining chemistry with my teammates. So if anybody has any spots open or wants to form a competitive team HMU my GT: iiTzZ Reaper- preferably onyx-champ players.
  8. Add me on xbl. iiTzZ Reaper I would like to discuss things with you about joining. I've been playing competitively since halo 3 and pretty dedicated.
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