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  1. Not to be that "guy" but MrAdam with MLG just tweeted they have 75K viewers on a Friday for a Pool Play match! Holy!! Will Halo ever reach this kind of viewership? Would MLG make that much of a difference for Halo viewers?
  2. Yeah Naded is a halo god that helped optic beat AM teams. LOL
  3. What is the rule for relegated teams? Are they allowed to make any changes? Or in OG predicament can they just forfeit and save the embarrassment?
  4. Ask him if he would step down for the betterment of the team so they can start next season with fresh faces? If not, what are they willing to do to get better. Playing arena for 24 hours is not what is going to make them better.
  5. I think that would be the best idea also. I agree that Hecz won't kick maniac either, he is soft when it comes to stuff like that.
  6. Thank you, I agree 100% but they were in a bind and had to get ApG. I would like to see them keep str8sick drop ApG for a grinder, someone who will make them work at it. Who knows though.
  7. Sorry, new here like I noted but I am still learning the history of Halo. I guess I should have said most embarrassing team with a decent amount of individual talent. I don't think they could beat Denial or Elevate at this point and will be relegated. Sorry Cyren I messed up the reply. I will learn how to use this site properly, on mobile right now. Lol
  8. Hello everyone! I am a noob here but love reading everyone's thoughts. I have a question, is this Optic team the most embarrassing team you have seen? Go easy on me, I was a COD player for years but have been enjoying the hell out of Halo 5. I don't think I will be going back to COD. I am an OG COD fan but it is extremely hard to watch this Optic team, sometimes I actually think they are playing this poorly on purpose. I know it is CLG but even liquid smacked the ass. Sorry for long post!
  9. Anyone able to get the skins yet? If so, where did you get them?
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