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  1. Haven't been able to watch or keep up with Halo in recent months. I did however see nV won a championship (congrats to them even coming from an OpTic fan) but what is going on now? Is there a number 1 team or are things neck and neck? Also what's up with roster changes? Anything confirmed or pretty much confirmed? Sorry, I know it's quite a bit of questions but as i go through these pages it's a lot to take in lol. Need a summary.
  2. Only complaint so far from this gears tournament is that on blue side where it shows the number of rounds they've won the tint is a little bright. Gets confusing when looking down to see round count. (btw me saying this means I think this event has been really well done. We need MLG)
  3. This is why they piss me off. Where was this when aPG was on OpTic?
  4. God I love this team. Amazing weekend of Halo. Green wall Brisk Mate Bye
  5. GGs. Feels good to beat the statistical best team in the world on LAN again even if it is just winners bracket finals.
  6. Been seeing a lot about this Snipedown interview...does anyone have it clipped? Was out I guess when it happened.
  7. GGs. Feels good to beat the god squad on LAN even if it is a meaningless seeding match.
  8. Bit OT: But what is the armor called that Snipedown uses? Looks so cool in game when you have the Magnum out.
  9. What did he do? I was always under the impression he had family stuff
  10. I don't want to call it an excuse for OpTic because nV played great last night...but is it really that bad for Royal 2 on his Canadian internet? If so, nV shouldn't be too happy. Last map 50-47 and constantly being beat in scrims isn't a good sign for LAN.
  11. Idk if I'm right but from what was said from Lethul in his interview, it sounds like Snakebite and Royal 2's contracts had expired. So instead of re-signing right away they looked at other options. Thus, Hecz and OpTic. Hecz probably had to buy out Lethul and Frosty's contract. Kinda like at the start of AW where he bought out Crimsix and Karma's contract.
  12. It would be so ironic if OpTic and Liquid finished 1st and 2nd this season
  14. Okay so I have a few things to say: 1. Is Stellur going to join OpTic? Not saying this hurts his reputation at all but with Eco finding success I see his only options as OG, ALG, and maybe EG. OG seems the best fit to me though. 2. In my opinion instead of having a roster lock at the beginning of the season then a transfer period they should just have a trade deadline mid-season. Keep the rule where you have to have two remaining players but don't limit teams to a strict deadline then allow a week to transfer. 3. Where in the hell did they come up with E6? Lol I know it was somewhere on the map Detroit in AW but I doubt that's why.
  15. oh man back in the black ops 2 days the production wasn't as good but there were actual rivalries. Parasite and impact vs coL was so hype at Anaheim. It's insane to see how far cod has made it. Hope halo can grow as well.
  16. He probably would have lmao Maniac was solid on Noble from what I remember. If anything OpTic was a downgrade for him at the time.
  17. Not probably, they were the #1 team lol. But I thought they sold the team? Why did they leave?
  18. Watching the OpTic scrims last night and I fell asleep after about 6-7 maps so I'm not sure about the rest. But the maps I did see OpTic were starting really good and getting a lead and then when EG would get control they couldn't break it. Sure 14-0 isn't close but from what ive seen Heinz is their best choice and I think they'll be better than last season.
  19. So far I think Cloud is going to be the pick up. They all seem to play better and the comms are way more calm and collected. But most importantly theyre all really good friends. Side note... Everytime I start to think OpTic is getting pretty good on Coli Slayer I get flashbacks of EG going up like 22-0.
  20. Get back on Halo after not playing for a week or so and the first game I play is Assault on Tyrant. 343 is the most backwards company lmao
  21. I would like to see them run with Heinz. Hopefully they do tonight but I think he would be the best fit. Falcated looked good as well.
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