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  1. Haven't been able to watch or keep up with Halo in recent months. I did however see nV won a championship (congrats to them even coming from an OpTic fan) but what is going on now? Is there a number 1 team or are things neck and neck? Also what's up with roster changes? Anything confirmed or pretty much confirmed? Sorry, I know it's quite a bit of questions but as i go through these pages it's a lot to take in lol. Need a summary.
  2. Only complaint so far from this gears tournament is that on blue side where it shows the number of rounds they've won the tint is a little bright. Gets confusing when looking down to see round count. (btw me saying this means I think this event has been really well done. We need MLG)
  3. This is why they piss me off. Where was this when aPG was on OpTic?
  4. God I love this team. Amazing weekend of Halo. Green wall Brisk Mate Bye
  5. GGs. Feels good to beat the statistical best team in the world on LAN again even if it is just winners bracket finals.
  6. Been seeing a lot about this Snipedown interview...does anyone have it clipped? Was out I guess when it happened.
  7. GGs. Feels good to beat the god squad on LAN even if it is a meaningless seeding match.
  8. Bit OT: But what is the armor called that Snipedown uses? Looks so cool in game when you have the Magnum out.
  9. What did he do? I was always under the impression he had family stuff
  10. I don't want to call it an excuse for OpTic because nV played great last night...but is it really that bad for Royal 2 on his Canadian internet? If so, nV shouldn't be too happy. Last map 50-47 and constantly being beat in scrims isn't a good sign for LAN.
  11. Idk if I'm right but from what was said from Lethul in his interview, it sounds like Snakebite and Royal 2's contracts had expired. So instead of re-signing right away they looked at other options. Thus, Hecz and OpTic. Hecz probably had to buy out Lethul and Frosty's contract. Kinda like at the start of AW where he bought out Crimsix and Karma's contract.
  12. It would be so ironic if OpTic and Liquid finished 1st and 2nd this season
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