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  1. I actually agree with most of these. Few exceptions though. I'd take H2 4v4 over H1 4v4, but H1 2v2 over H2 4v4. Also I hate pit and narrows but lets not forget that Gemini was once used in an MLG that TMG won.
  2. I hope the last 3 pages of posts from you are trolling. The foolishness has made my head hurt.
  3. Popping in to remind everyone that sprint, thrust, and clamber are all dog shit and have no place in a halo game.
  4. Yes to both of these and when that's the case I'm fine with it. I'm more opposed to the X-Games(halo) or TI style where the finals is a single series where the team that advanced from the WB has no advantage.
  5. I liked bo11 more. If it's a double elim bracket I can't stand it when a team that gets to the finals without a series loss has no advantage over the team from the LB.
  6. This is the worst post in the history of this forum. You clearly have no understanding of halo 1 and that is incredibly disrespectful to the guys that have been playing that game for 15+ years.
  7. Ya because viewership was just outstanding when events were on the Halo channel.......................
  8. Holy shit you people love to bitch. UGC started by planning a 32 team halo 3 tournament that has completely blown up and reinvigorated the scene more than anything since nbns. Then first people want to bitch about the prize pool, which is absurd and part of the reason I can't stand a lot of the esports scene anymore. It used to be about people that loved the game and wanted to prove they were the best and now all anyone seems to care about is the money. Just look at this fucking CE side tournament. It's a 1500 pool and from the looks of it the Best players in the world that have continued playing are going to show up. And yes the qualifiers are a little jumbled but the only reason they added Friday qualifiers was to appease the community since many teams couldn't do it on Saturday. UGC has been more open and willing to work with the community on this event than any tournament organizer in the history of competitive halo and all you do is bitch. It is absolutely absurd.
  9. Just this one halo 3 tournament(and I'm not even a halo 3 fan) will make it the most enjoyable year since 2010.
  10. Ya I remember them losing pretty handily at the qualifier. But that's still pretty decent to make it to that LAN qualifier considering how little time they had all been playing and the number of teams that tried to get there. So yes, they didn't make waves, but they didn't get double first rounded at a 256 team open tourney(looking at you splyce).
  11. Didn't his team with snip3down, royal 2, and like mikwen or someone still do well enough to get to the NA 16 team qualifier for CoD Champs? That's pretty good for the short amount of time they played. Edit: I do remember now that snakebite was on the team. Not sure on everyone else, pretty sure on snipedown.
  12. Uhhhh, what games did you play? Certainly not halo.
  13. Highly unlikely seeing as you see pros complain about being in the dark all the time.
  14. Off topic but does anyone know where I can find old episodes of bomb planted or whatever it was called with goldenboy, saucey, and lemon? Can't find anything currently.
  15. This sort of shit really annoys me. There's a big market for that type of merchandise and it's just sitting there in the MLG vaults.
  16. Ya it's all depended on the server. I've had some games feel close to LAN and others where my nades come out about 2 seconds after throwing them.
  17. It is if you're actually looking to play halo. Halo 4/5 are in this series by name only(Reach as well until NBNS). The game play has little resemblance to what a lot of people consider to be halo.
  18. i dont see any big tournaments happening for other games after other organizers see how easily UGC has sold as many team passes as they have
  19. I'm thankful that halo 5 is dead and a classic halo tournament is selling out passes.
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