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  1. All the people bitching now just have an issue with the game in general, which I don't disagree with. However, these settings are by far the best we could've asked for given the game it is.
  2. BR Starts >>>>> Commando Starts, that gun is dogshit
  3. H4 maybe, but it's far below reach even with bloom and sprint.
  4. This is perfect although for me it's only CE 2v2's that's better than H2 4's.
  5. Commando starts would be shittier than the current AR/Sidekick
  6. That i'll agree with, but what was there, like 1 tournament of that?
  7. Not promoting BR starts , but turning into another H2A would be best case scenario for this game. H2A other than lack of maps was the best competitive experience since H3.
  8. Sandbox is just trash, but not as trash as the maps.
  9. Maps are dogshit AR is the only weapon worth using The constant dinging and beeping
  10. I mean, he actually likes halo 5, so his opinions on halo as a whole are invalid. He's just good at playing it.
  11. Anyone that put more than a few months into that piece of shit game without having tons of money at stake, has a thing for self misery. I would never trust a person that actually thinks it is a good game
  12. Don't think so as it definitely appeared as though pretty much all of the top 8 was using it from 2005-2012 at the very least.
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