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  1. Only way they should take away the ball carrier location is if they significantly up the win time.
  2. I don't know why you say "classic halo". There's halo, then there's not halo. And this is again not halo despite have a label slapped on the box.
  3. 5 of said seconds were used to show off the fucking grapple shot bullshit
  4. Literally 1 thing looked good and it was nading sword to himself. The rest was awful as expected.
  5. The best esports games take the least risks especially after the first. CSGO, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, You don't fuck with the core fundamentals of a game. 343 has yet to grasp this and infinite is pretty much guaranteed to suck ass.
  6. You like halo 5, but you're complaining about strongsiding being a get out of jail free card.......................... 220 × 131
  7. Assault > KOTH > Oddball > CTF > TS. Strongholds could be good if I played it in something other than halo 5
  8. Would rather chop my dick off then watch or play h5 ever again.
  9. I actually agree with most of these. Few exceptions though. I'd take H2 4v4 over H1 4v4, but H1 2v2 over H2 4v4. Also I hate pit and narrows but lets not forget that Gemini was once used in an MLG that TMG won.
  10. I hope the last 3 pages of posts from you are trolling. The foolishness has made my head hurt.
  11. Popping in to remind everyone that sprint, thrust, and clamber are all dog shit and have no place in a halo game.
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