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  1. I am also interested in running games with you. GT: Tango Down2016
  2. I am interested in running games with you. I am currently looking for 2. GT: Tango Down2016
  3. I am very interested in running games. HMU GT: Tango Down2016
  4. I am interested in playing for your team. Message me back if interested. GT: Tango Down2016
  5. i am interested in running games with you, I messaged you on xbox. My GT is Tango Down2016.
  6. I have just gotten back into halo after a 2 month break of halo 5. I consistently place onyx in FFA and Team arena all the in team arena i am a diamond, because of a lack of teammates who knew how to play the game forcing me to lose games. I just want to have fun and get better while taking it semi serious but still wanting to joke around. GT: Tango Down2016
  7. I have read your post and feel the same way maybe you would like to run games with me, I am currently Diamond in arena but have been onyx in most seasons, my teammates were terrible, and I lost most games too them, message me if you want to play sometime. GT Tango Down2016
  8. I just recently got back onto halo 5 after a 2 month break I was onyx before and would be in that skill group again with, teammates who can do more than stand around and die. I'm always looking for photo play with and just want to get better as I do. GT Tango Down2016
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