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  1. Okay, I'll give the videos a whirl. Would you guys recommend a certain type of game to improve my 2 on 2 play? I've been playing slayer almost exclusively, but if there is a better variant, I'd love to know. Thanks!
  2. Thanks very much for getting back to me. Sorry, I didn't quite follow. Does that mean you, or someone you know, would be willing to help?
  3. Hi There, I've been playing Halo off and on with my brother for years. We generally play just the two of us, over the internet, in a slayer type game (no radar). Historically we've been very even, but for whatever reason with Halo 5, I'm just consistently sucking. I average 6 deaths for every 4 kills. I've been watching youtube tutorials, trying to practice online. But whatever it is, I seem to only be getting worse. If you think you can help me turn the tide, I'd love to work with you. Ideally I'd like to set up some private games (matching the scenario my brother and I play), and you can let me know about some of my tendencies, give me tips, etc... Obviously I'm looking for someone who's both good, and maybe has some experience with this. We can discuss rates and how to set it up in a PM. Also, before y'all troll the hell out of me. I know. This is pathetic. But I can't listen to the little prick laugh through the headset another God damn day.
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