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  1. +34 #blessed I do not miss that shithole they call illinois
  2. The article says this happened under Bush and Obama as well. The state dept claims these cases have declined under trump rather than surged. Why do people keep getting outraged at trump for things the past 2 administrations have done? Why are you still eating animals?
  3. Are you saying kids do that with vegetables?
  4. FB didnt do much after the first h3 event. They weren't going to win together and it's not like one brogre would leave without the other. If they were trying to win either Walsh or side or both had to go. It's such a shame it didnt work out with neighbor though. Watching him in h3's final year was insane. Sad that SK dropped Ola rather than himself.
  5. I miss gfh. The totally different guy that turned up right when he disappeared just isn't cutting it.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jul/05/i-stopped-going-to-the-gym-because-of-trump-now-i-cant-open-jars He can't keep getting away with this
  7. Amazon is great. Push button get shit. I actually have bojangles in my area now I think I'll give it a try sometime. Never had it before
  8. I "boycott" Walmart because I can afford to not go there. Last time me and my wife moved we went there to get all the new shit we needed in one swoop. Absolute mistake. I just moved cross country and my wife will be here in a few days. Will probably amazon everything rather than stepping foot in that absolute hellhole again.I won't go as far as saying that the Walmart heirs should have their wealth redistributed but seriously, F*** that place. There is nothing there that is even worth cruising past the parking lot for. Chick fil a on the other hand.....would totally wait in a long line for that.
  9. Have large stick Lose to fist. Goodnight altright
  10. At work so can't watch but I'll agree with the quote. You can also insert lunatic leftists begging for civil war in the same place as politicians
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/annielinskey/status/1012110984427835393 Wish I could think this way.
  12. 'If you dont like michelle's lunch program it's because you are racist' ' I went to a pro trump part of reddit and tried to reasonably debate with them but they were mean to me' Insert literally anything gfh or mckeever has ever posted. Dont forget mr green declaring trump would win every electoral vote. Sorry you're upset about the supreme court or whatever. I'm just in it for the tantrums like you displayed last page. Edit: glad this thread isn't dead anymore. Was really concerned about some of you since this place was dead for a little bit.
  13. Lol dont care. Congress means nothing to me. Salty libs crying every single day since trump won, that's winning brother.
  14. Maybe on reddit and CNN. You do you. Us free americans can do as we please. I'll just keep giddily enjoying all the winning.
  15. Yeah you're fuck drumph tantrum sure places you outside the fringe
  16. Yeah all those right wingers are going out of their way and spending hours of their lives organizing people to block traffick and harass people who dont agree with them.
  17. Trump: 'We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning'
  18. A reason to go to oklahoma... imagine
  19. Decided to just do a different day today and will just go slightly out of order this week. It felt incredibly absurd since me and some other dudes and some chick were all just awkwardly standing around all this shit before we all went and did other things instead.
  20. Dont have my home setup at the moment since I just moved. Started going to a gym. Whats a general rule for how much shit to take up at one time? Went in this morning to do chest and some assclown was taking up all 3 squat racks 2 benches and a smith machine for some stupid circuit routine.
  21. GeneralBeatDown

    NBA Thread

    Please just dont let Kawhi end up with lebron
  22. Super easy example is to look at the absolute hell that rent controls put people through. Not only in random shithole cities in the US but also shithole countries that tried it too. This is like chapter 1 basic economics concepts
  23. Type out reasons why the plans wont work. Respond with "Explain why these plans wont work" lol I'm done dude.

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