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  1. I am pretty sure you already made this thread a few months ago..... Too much stuff.
  2. There are a lot of good ideas here as to how the structure of the documentary should be constructed, but after looking at them all I really like Enders "rough draft" if you will. I think the best would be to highlight all the halo games and their competitive scenes in separate episodes with the overall theme being how the game has changed and transformed from CE to H4, and what we as a community are hoping to see with H5.
  3. My first halo was CE, played the hell outta campaign and lots of splitscreens with my cousins and friends casually. Didnt discover MLG till Halo 2, and thats where i got into it.
  4. Read thru that whole thread, funny to see all the outrage about the huge changes and how absolutely wrong some of the people who were trying to be positive about h4 were. My favorite comment had to be from some1 who after seeing all the changes to weapon spawns and AA's and crap added said " I'll be sticking to the classic playlists"
  5. Well then you're in luck! Of the 4 teams you named as your favorites or teams you like, those are the only good teams out of the few going... So you gotta like your odds.
  6. What about if we had a DMR/Pistol starting utility weapon that was 3 shots to the head to kill, or 2 shots to the head to break shields, but was 4 shots to the body to break shields, thus putting a great emphasis on trying for headshots over just body shooting then going for the killing headshot.
  7. This may be my favorite commercial ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxWAFOVrYKA
  8. I pray to god everyday that the little lightbulb in the head of all of IU's defensive players turns on one of these days. Or we just recruit better players. either would work.
  9. .... ah screw the fact its 11am, grabbing popcorn.
  10. Wow that sucks. I was looking forward to getting off work and seeing the gandhi/maven combo break into cod.......
  11. ya any new weapons added to that sandbox should be unique and try to fill different roles from that of the other weapons to ensure that they dont just clutter the sandbox
  12. My preferred weapon sandbox: Halo CE's, plus the fuel rod cannon and flamethrower from the pc version, and then add in some new weapons like promethean guns that would fit into this sandbox. Plus maybe a tweaked damage and speed boost.
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