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  1. I've enjoyed Warzone but Arena isn't my thing anymore with sprint and thruster packs.
  2. The real question is, will they wear the badass jackets?
  3. Gonna be a late night if we have a second series.
  4. ace should have held it til he died... whyyyyy
  5. That sucks, they should have had something figured out after the same situation happened last event multiple times.
  6. When does bo5 start? Next round?
  7. Wow. Definitely not what I was expecting but the guys on Denial are all great.
  8. Waiting until the matches to get to winners finals or teams that I like are playing another pro team, pretty much waiting for sunday. Still have the stream open in a different tab to support the numbers.
  9. Man it hurts seeing only 6k people are watching this. I wonder how many people are actually playing MCC since there is no population counter..,
  10. Wasn't it supposed to start by now? At least the music isn't bad lol.
  11. Can't Gandhi hop without going into that cheesy ground pound mechanic.
  12. - More Maps (Please 3 maps is so boring to watch as a spectator, be creative don't remake) - Casting was good, Analysis was meh but it's the first event - Less downtime (Please fix this shit microsoft) - Change Lockout, only time standoffs are good/entertaining is when the score is coming down to 5 kills left and the pace slows down. Not when there are 12 minutes left in the game and nobody is moving when it's 1-0 or something like that. - The venue looked small but the "mainstage" seemed like another station. Hopefully it can be bigger at future events with the area - Overall pretty good first event, but definitely has room to improve. Didn't watch much but this is just some of what I've noticed.
  13. That is the halo I was missing. I hope they duke it out again in the finals.
  14. All of these controller problems are unbelievable. What a joke. No other game has the same problems as fucking halo, it's so sad.
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