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  1. I find the game-play much more fun to watch with the updated radar and no autos. I enjoy the increase of flanks and backsmacks - it adds a dimension to the game that had been missing previously.
  2. Honestly, the tea-bagging and NV logo-shooting doesn't bother me at all. I know people will gossip about team changes, but I hope that NV stays together as-constructed. They proved that they can beat Liquid, and even though they got the hot 4-0 in the finals, I think they can bet OpTic anytime. Clearly Mikwen showed **ONCE AGAIN** that he's one of the best players in Halo 5, and even though Pistola didn't play great, he's still an amazing player and asset to NV. So please, don't change NV. Don't change.
  3. Just got caught up on the last 60 pages... I thought the stream had been going really well with the different combination of casters (mixing NA with EU casters), and I was excited by the really solid gameplay; come to the forums, andddddd wow.... Almost as bad as that viral conspiracy theory that Australia doesn't exist. edit: Oh, and um... LETS GO NV! -- When Mikwen is on his game, NV = top1
  4. my love for this NV squad is too strong... so I vote no.
  5. So hard to watch how horribly NV played those power weapons.
  6. Hard to watch NV go down like that, but hopefully it means that they will have extra motivation moving forward. It was imperative from the first scrimmage that Mikwen needed to be at the top of his game to get NV to the top-tier, and while it's not solely his fault that NV lost, it was clear his disposition wasn't helping. That being said, I don't think it's appropriate or constructive for people to say that Mikwen should be dropped; to me that notion is ridiculous.
  7. Such a clutch performance from NV. They were down by so much in that last game, and the resiliency they showed was simply incredible. I really thought they were done multiple times during that last series, but wow, just wow. Great job by Liquid; they're such a good team. 1146AM in Prague. I need to actually get some work done now....
  8. I woke up this morning, and immedietly went to the forums to see who won. I was catching up on the last 15 pages watching all the clips, and building the suspense within me. Come to realize, its 11AM in Prague, and NV Liquid are STILL playing. Part of me feels bad for the players, part of me is so excited to see them play live!
  9. Something I appreciated about last night stream: T2 and Elamite talking about going to Alaska mid-game. I find that video game casters across all titles spend too much time in game explaining every single detail of the situation that's unfolding. While it's helpful in some situations during the game, I find that in others it's not totally important. I like it when the casters go on small tangents about a specific game play, or a player, or history, or just something going outside of the game. In nearly every other sport you get this, but in esports, you rarely ever do. Maybe it's because casters for esports are usually younger, and more unexperienced. Either way, I appreciate the T2 - Elamites banter. It means they're both getting better, and more comfortable casting.
  10. Snip3down's interview! Dude is putting everyone on blast. T2 must be so proud.
  11. The relationship between Team Beyond/ the competitive scene and 343 is like my relationship with my latest ex.
  12. Yeah it was more click bait-y beforehand, but I legit edited it a second later. Didn't think click bait-y would actually start anything, because it wasn't my intention. I felt the more interesting part was about organisational news, and possibly picking up a guy who had a 1.33 k/d in two big games. and by 'sort and interesting' it was this: "Ryanoob wouldn't give me Renegades number", which I would have done too if I was @@RyaNoob Also, forget to add: Sorry
  13. Some updates on LOL (aka the team everyone has love for atm): Not only did Renegade prove himself capable of playing in the Pro League, he proved he can be a strong force in it as well. From my Intel (gathered from the source (ie. Asking APG questions in Ogre2s twitch chat)), and despite the Ace interview, LOL is very much interested in picking up Renegade; the only other factor in this equation is what happens with Stellur. Also, there seems to have been an interesting, but short chat between Ryanoob and APG on the Renegade subject. Look for LOL to sign with an organization quickly before this next LAN. They could foot the bill individually, but signing with a new Org would really make that entire process much easier for them. They are using patience during this process, which I think is the right decision. So if I was a betting man, I'd put money on some team changes occurring. ALG might make a move. E6 might make a move. I think El Town is safe, but everything is fluid.
  14. Snip3down should have tweeted: "GGs @Lxthul, Feels good to beat the god squad, even if it was just a Pro League match." 'bagging in the game was good, but those types of tweets are what take the rivalry to the next level.
  15. Firstly, I'd like to point out that I am currently repping NV in my signature. I am a diehard NV fan.... Despite this clear breach in equality, I will still attempt to be as impartial as ever. So I've done this a couple of times previously, but since I finally feel like I have enough time to post on the forums, I would like to do another 10 things I think I think (stolen from MMQB's Peter King): So here it is: 1. I think the situation with LOL is unfortunate, and frustrating. It's unfortunate because nobody likes to get dropped by an organization; It isn't the first time, and it won't be the last. It's frustrating because it's clear these players deserve an organization. If someone can make a case why @@aPG, @@Ace, @@Heinz, and @@Renegade aren't a part of an organzation, I'd love to hear why you would think so. It's simply unfathomable to me, and I hope whatever paperwork that needs to get done, gets done quickly. Overall it's an unfortunate situation, and you can't help but feel impressed by the composure with which those players have handled the entire situation. Shout out to them. 2. Everyone thinks E6 needs to Free @@StelluR and his family. There's literally nothing else that needs to be said, except for the fact that Stellur is amazing. @@Cratos : embrace the villain within you, it makes you better. 3. I think OPTIC is still number one, and every single pro would agree. They're number one until they lose on LAN, and although you can make an argument that they have been in a mental rut (ie. internet issues, signing with optic during a critical scrim period, the 'H5 PC makes it so hard to game on console', aim lag, and the general stress of being the number one team), I don't believe there is any indication that they have fallen off enough to ever be considered an underdog in any series. 4. I think ALG is better than this. I talked to Chad the other day in a twitch chat, and along with stating he could no longer post his true feelings on the forums, he said that the team was working through some things. Any team with Shooter, Contra, and Predev should be better than they currently playing. Falcated is a talented young player, and there is no doubt in my mind that he deserves to be in the pro league. With these points in mind, it is hard to understand why they are struggling so much in pro league. Maybe it's because they lack the mental fortitude to close out games -maybe it's a lack of leadership- either way, ALG has the potential to be MUCH better than they are currently playing. The key for them will be finding whatever they are lacking within themselves as a collective group. One player playing better won't be the solution to their problems. The entire team needs to come together and maximize their potential. 5. I think EG works. Somehow Justin, Jason, Tyler, and Ryan work together (no offence to Victory X who will go down as one of the best players in Halo history). These, very loud, very extroverted individuals can not only play well together, not only communicate well together, but they genuinely like each other. If that no-scope-game-winning snipe for the win wasn't persuading enough for you, I don't know what is, and it is clear that EG is a CONTENDER. Yes. After Snip3down left, I was thinking along the same lines as most of the forums: I was concerned for the twins. Yet, it is clear now that we had nothing to worry about. They picked up Ninja, and Victory X and became one of the most exciting teams on the circuit. They beat Optic, and pushed NV hard. They're talented, experienced, and - to me - a clear contender for the next finals. Overall, if you're an EG fan (and there are a lot of you), you have to be excited. 6. On that note, I think the Strongholds reset between NV and EG was bad. I didn't like it (and I will freely admit it as a diehard NV fan). I wish they could have set up the replay in a better fashion (in fact, if you want the perfect stronghold replay settings, look no further than the post made by @@TiberiusAudley on the subject). I would have even preferred if the game was declared for EG. Yet, that's not what happened, and EG got absolutely dismantled on the replay. On that note: NV clearly didn't cheat, and they deserved the series win, period. 7. I think @@Mikwen is the x-factor. I said it in the last 10 things I think i think, and I'll say it again. I am usually very critical when it comes to my favorite team, and there is one thing that has constantly stood out to me while obsessively watching my favorite team: Mikwen is the x-factor of EnvyUs. He is the heart of that team, and when he's in the leadership role -not tilting- and maximizing his potential one game at a time, he is the individual that takes NV to new heights. I'm not talking about going +7 on Coli CTF, or pealing in a scrim (which flashes that potential), I'm talking about the consistant mikwen that's right there under the surface. When Mikwen tilts in a scrim (which is often. I haven't missed a scrim snip3down has streamed), the whole team suffers. While Pistola, Huke, Snip3down, and Mikwen all have their respective personalities (just listen in on one of those 14 game scrims and you will hear them in full), Mikwen has always been that individual who I want to take a bigger leadership role. Pistola is always going to be one of the best 'good guys' out there, and Huke is the young new superstar who is still growing, and finding himself. Snip3down and Mikwen butt heads often, because they are the two most outspoken people on the team. The thing is, Snip3down has a specific personality (which results in the propensity to tilt) within game that both helps, and hurts him. Yet when Mikwen is tilting about trivial things (ie: not his actual gameplay), Snip3down tilts too (and he's even admitted to this previously in-stream). It bothers me when people talk bad about Mikwen without understand these dynamics, because I believe that he has this next level he can reach. I've watched Pistola and Snip3down since H3, and Huke is no doubt the next young superstar of Halo. Snip3down will tilt, but eveyone know's what he can bring to the table; Pistola is top-5 in Halo history, and Huke is Huke. The x-factor for nV is, and always has been Mikwen. He holds the key in his hand to make EnvyUs Halo truly special. They still lack consistency, and anyone around nV will admit to that. There is a next level of communication, and execution that nV can reach; the question is, do they have the patience, and resilience to get there? Personally I believe that this next level of skill that they can achieve is not only good enough to compete with Optic, but a level in which they can eclipse the heights of CLG. They are sort of like the Warriors. Durant, Thompson, Green, and Curry all on the same team. The potential has always been limitless, the question is: can they take themselves there? I think so, but it's like Lethul said (and I am paraphrasing): the team that tilts first usually loses. 8. I think Elumnite is a very impressive individual. @@Elumnite joins a long list of individuals who grew up around the Halo scene, and have proven to become very intelligent, mature, and accomplished people. His interview after the last nV pro-league match highlighted this, and after watching/listening to him in-stream this week I was continually impressed. His level of maturity is a breath of fresh air. I have little doubt that individuals like @@SnakeBite and many others on the circuit today are swiftly moving in the same direction. To me it highlights the kind of experience, and life lessons that are learned through becoming a pro. It has turned many teenagers into impressive, smart, and intelligent adults. 9. I think Beyond Entertainment tournaments are awesome. I highlighted this in an earlier post, but I feel it needs repeating. The level of dedication, and time put into these Beyond tournaments cannot be understated. The quality and level of competition is truly fantastic. If you haven't taken the time to watch some of the VoD posted throughout this thread, I implore you to do so- you will not be disappointed. 10. I think if you're a fan of competitive Halo, this season is everything you could have asked for. Closing skill gap between pro teams. Highlight plays. Impressive team strategies in-game. Great commentary from t-squared, and elamite warrior. Incredible storylines. Exciting new teams. This season is so much better than last in so many ways, and as a fan of the scene, it makes it even more fun. I have already posted about how the story-lines make you appreciate and learn more about all the pro's. Any real fan of the scene must struggle sometimes about cheering interests. I know personally I now appreciate and feel invested in at least one person on every single pro-league team. Can you imagine how crazy the end of this season will be?! It's gonna be absurd, and I am looking forward to being a part of the ride.
  16. Congrats to I dodge bullets. I am, and continue to be very impressed by the quality of Beyonds tournament VOD; It's always a pleasure to watch.
  17. Does anyone know why NV didn't scrim tonight? They ran CTF warmup....
  18. I have to start mine from Prague.... It's gonna be a LONG journey
  19. Emma Watson.... so incredibly beautiful. Celebrity crush since forever. *shakes head* Sorry, Sorry. Topic, on it. Fall Predictions: CLG -1st Some other team 2nd.
  20. Sorry, I can't help myself: Excuse: Noun: A reason or explanation given to justify a fault or offense. It's funny because there's not a single person on CLG that would ever call being sick an excuse. Instead that entire team is the epitome of class, and they took those losses and then decided to get even better.
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