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  1. Just wanted to drop in and thank all of you who made BL5 what it was this year. There are too many to list, but from the community, the players, and those who were behind the scenes, it was an absolute honor to work with all of you on a game that means so much to so many of us. Thanks my dudes, and can't wait to see what BL6 has in store next year!!!
  2. Hi Teapot, I've just sent you a direct message. My apologies for not getting back sooner. Take a look and get back to me when you can. Thanks! Best, Cody Dragon
  3. Sup man. Would love to get some lessons set up with you and some professional players. Let me know how best to reach you outside of the forums! Best, Cody Dragon
  4. Good to hear. What is the best email to contact you at in regards to sponsoring the event?
  5. Good to know. We'll be taking a deeper look into this matter, as we are confident that the competitive Halo community can be rebuilt. Thanks for the reply. - Cody
  6. Hey guys, Just curious as to if there are any legal complications when holding tournaments for Halo 3 and broadcasting them? Let me know if anyone has any insight. Thanks. - Cody Dragon
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