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  1. that is the truth. I mainly lurk, but it is hard keeping up with it moving so fast now.
  2. You are correct. I have been sick for too long. But yeah I think it should have less ammo.
  3. I played him one time on the rig and he plasma castered me like 10 times. He's so annoying. Good player though. Which reminds me, the plasma caster needs to be buffed.
  4. Maybe. They may just remake the game and sell it for 60 bucks like skyrim.
  5. Exactly. Is the halo 5 multiplayer fun? YES. Could it be a million times better by making some minor tweaks? YES. People confuse criticism with complaining.
  6. yeah people aren't aware. the only thing casuals know about competitive halo is "MLG". They don't now about team beyond or esl. People on reddit need better transparency on when and where these matches are being played.
  7. yeah reddit is a joke. anytime bravo comments on there they all go nuthug him. no offense to him, but reddit probably has the widest reach of halo players and they have the potential to change things that can make halo great again but they will never get anything done over there because they are cucks. If you talk about changing the settings for competitive play on reddit or critique 343 in anyway they downboat you and basically side with 343 always.
  8. The MLG forums were so active. Then they changed their site up and made it a complete mess sadly. I think the problem is that people just aren't as excited about competitive play as they used to. I think renaming team arena to "MLG Playlist or ESL Playlist" would capture some of the casual players to the competitive side of halo.
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