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  1. oh i didn't miss it sorry if it wasn't clear but my post was sarcastic, i live for memes. never change beyond but there is a serious lack of #intel considering how long rostermania's been going on
  2. just read all 215 pages of this thread in anticipation of rostermania all i found were no radar discussions, emma watson gifs, and memes. can't say i'm surprised, but i am a little disappointed
  3. didn't know that website updated scores on game day. no need to be a dick about it but thanks anyways :/
  4. series scores so far? wasn't able to watch the first two series
  5. if pro teams are unwilling to go to events with 20k prize pools then i'd rather see 1 open event with a 40k prize pool. while i love seeing amateur teams upset pro teams, the real reason i watch tournaments is to see how pro teams stack up against one another and if only half of the pro teams go to open events it'll kill interest and viewership
  6. if you read the preamble to this week's power rankings, i think they changed the format a bit. it now states that teams are ranked based on how they would perform against the other 8 teams in a lan setting. i prefer it this way, honestly, but i guess it was easy to miss edit: nvm ignore me, teams are still ranked on a weekly-ish basis but also ranked based on potential? tbh kinda wish someone could clarify
  7. eg goes from beating optic 3-1 to losing to lol 3-0 in 2 weeks lol
  8. i miss walshy casting so much. our pro league casting with elamite and tsquared is great but walshy is so great at interacting with his co-caster i feel like he would be great with tsquared
  9. people saying "it doesn't matter eg didn't get 13 points anyways": the ruling itself could've tilted eg because having to score only 13 points is a lot less stressful than having to score 50, especially if you get off to a rocky start
  10. honestly eg is the new nv, their teamwork is great and they just keep it cool during league matches hopefully nv doesn't become the old eg everyone expects them to be #2 but they just don't perform
  11. why did you change how you present your stats? not a huge fan of the font or the letters getting cut off on the end or the background or the glare or any of the changes :/
  12. "i think that's the second time snip3down's pulled flag in his life" - tsquared, 2016 please tsquared, have mercy
  13. yeah i take it back i'm starting to think cratos actually did sabotage stellur. something just isn't adding up; cratos and e6 in general (and e6 general) are acting really defensive
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