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  1. The self anointed "best shot in the game" Cratos. LMAO https://clips.twitch.tv/pglpro/BrightGazelleANELE
  2. I plan on attending tomorrow. Does anyone have any idea what the schedule is?
  3. So who's left in the pro teams going to OC? I've seen optic and Envy say they are going, anyone else? How will this affect the schedule for the weekend?
  4. Looks like Stellurs prediction that E6 would string someone along(stra8sick) until they made roster move to get Shooter, was 100% accurate.
  5. Agreed. I too was a huge E6 fan and thought Cratos just liked stirring the pot and trash talking. I really enjoyed cheering them on last season. However, his behavior yesterday and today is inexcusable. It's going to be hard for me to find a reason to root for this team/org as long as Cratos is there. FeelsBadMan
  6. Cratos blobking me on twitter makes me laugh. What a wus. He can dish it, but he can't take it. Hey, its not my fault you're an idiot and post self incriminating tweets!
  7. Aside from the evidence Stellur didn't do it, how would Cratos know Stellur quit out? Stellar wasn't sitting by him, they weren't in any type of chat. The only way he knows it was a quit out, is if he's the one that orchestrated it.
  8. Careful - you might get banned for saying something that's not negative about cratos
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