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  1. Looking for full teams to participate in a tournament over the next few weeks. DM me for details
  2. Could someone please DM me regarding why my tournament post was removed?
  3. If anyone is feeling like some competitive play to test out new v2 HCS settings plus no spartan charge, check out my post in general regarding our tournament series that starts next week...
  4. I will send you a message via XBL right now. My GT is LiGHTSEY.
  5. Out of curiousity, I noticed that you don't have high-onyx in those playlists. Are you looking for a few higher-skilled teammates to help you improve?
  6. Hey sir I will message you via XBL
  7. All: BitWar esports will be conducting an internal placement tournament this Friday and Saturday (3/31-4/1) for all players interested in a roster spot on one of our Halo 5 squads. This past season our top 3 teams all finished in the top 50 on the HCS leaderboard, with great experiences matching up against Team Envyus, Str8 Rippin, Luminosity, and other top AM squads. Our goal is to continue to provide an avenue for players interested in playing Halo competitively to do so with like-minded folks who are interested in growing and developing as players and individuals. Our organization is based on Christian values. While it is not a requirement that you be a Christian to be involved (all are welcome!) we do ask that you read, agree, and abide by our Code of Conduct. Essentially, this governs our communication and interface with those inside and outside the organization and ensures we maintain an enjoyable atmosphere to compete in. Our teams are filled based on time zone; East squads are made up of players in the EST and CST time zones with our West squads made up of players in the MST and PST time zones. In addition to our primary competitive rosters, we also offer developmental squads to provide new or lesser-skilled players to develop and grow in a true team environment. Please message me for more details! Looking forward to hearing from you. GT: LiGHTSEY
  8. *makes post about professionalism and being taken seriously* *said post is littered with poor grammar and vulgarities* *RIP*
  9. Hey there I am part of an esports organization "BitWar Gaming". We are a Christian esports org focusing primarily on Halo at the moment. We have a few openings on our West Coast and East Coast teams; let me know if you would be interested in trying out. We are looking to set rosters by this weekend as the HCS is already in progress. Our west coast teams are for folks in the MST and PST time zones. East coast for EST and CST. Last season we placed top 32 the last three events, with #17 in the last open circuit. This season we have started out strong; all three of our squads won our first round matches this past weekend. Message me to find out more.
  10. Thanks for reaching out, I will message you via XBL right now.
  11. Uhhhh you don't even have a 1.0 k/d... Didn't know orgs picked people up who have 26+ days of playtime with not much to show for it.
  12. Sent you a message via XBL sir. Could you be on tonight?
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