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  1. Yup, its 7-5 iM's way right now. Bald is spectating and streaming if anyone wants to catch the last game https://www.twitch.tv/thebaldunit
  2. Immunity are the real deal boys, currently up 5-2 against splyce. They lost 13-0 to str8 but took 3 games off of nV and against sTw they have won 10-3 and 9-3 (iirc). Much better than most people expect.
  3. Really appreciating elamite tonight, seems to get better every day.
  4. There are SO many bots in this chat right now. Anyone have any idea why?
  5. Elamite's face when lunchbox didn't respond, boy that was funny
  6. ALG got 3-0'd by this hamy/spartan/el town/penguin throw together, roster is so guaranteed to split.
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