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  1. I havent seen one in game yet but everyone Ive talked to said he is really bad
  2. Hey idk if any people from MLG forums post here but this is spartanX9. If anyone wants to catch up and play LoL or something hmu. LoL: Hakaze Kusaribe Twitter: MarcSx9 Skype: MarcSx9 feeling nostalgic so hmu
  3. Anyone got an extra code? msg me on twitter if u do pls
  4. Where is there a legit team list for this thing...
  5. Marc

    NBA Thread

    who here got followed by kobe? also can someone please tell ghost he doesnt need to put "-Ghost" every post. Like we can see it's you posting... pls
  6. Koreans are god. Jijimon is king. fk tsm. But yea I've been playing LoL since season 1 so I know a decent amount about the game so if you have any questions or want to play then add me. (^:
  7. I am Marc. Used to be SpartanX9 on MLG forums. I had a lot of green boxes there. I play h4lo and League of Legends but LoL > h4. (^: follow me: www.twitter.com/MouseSpartan XBL: Marc Sx9 LoL: SpartanX9 #beyond
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