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  1. More viewers left the stream in 5 minutes than the stream ever had before the host this weekend lmao. 


    Halo deserves more.. especially this tournament


    Those Ninja Fortnite minor fans, don't really care about Halo. 

    ​Some probably don't even know Halo and they turn off immediately. 


    ​Ninja watching the stream with commentary, like Summit did 2 years ago, would've probably kept some more viewers on board. 

    ​But now they don't watch either Fortnite, or Ninja. 



    edit: 7k on Mixer is also a decent viewership numbers. It's not even the finale, yet. 


  2. Walshy, Simms, GB, Onset, Wonderboy, Gaskin and Bravo are all top quality casters, and the best we have for sure.


    Butters, while a cool story, isn't that great and shouldn't be casting major matches. Similar to Strongside, they just mess up word choices and pronunciations too often, sometimes repeating the same sentence over and over again, or in a different variation saying the same thing ("Will he get the snipe? YES he will get the snipe!"). 


    Now that we have MLG production, we need the casters to step it up as well. It's taking me out of the experience.


    I genuinely can't enjoy matches that Strongside casts because I'm just waiting for the moment he messes up and it's cringe/hard to listen to. It's all I think about during those matches instead of the gameplay. 


    Don't mean to hate so strongly, but, someones gotta say it I guess. 


    THAT being said, the analyst desk is excellent. 


    Huh? I find him to be great. And especially refreshing. 

  3. Speaking of MLG stream: 
    ​I just know form the OWL that the Desktop website stream is great and the best quality, but the MLG TV app on XBox One or mobile is noticeably worse. (I have both my Xbox One and Pc connected to the internet via LAN)

    ​Same to be expected here?
    ​I'll probably watch on Mixer if there it's the original base stream and the quality is the same.

    ​Also with streaming on Mixer, could it be possible to get REQ packs just by watching without having to put a code manually in on Halo.gg?
    ​We know Mixer pots often have digital goodies, if you have your Microsoft / Xbox Live account linked. 

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  4. I think Halo casting needs to be reworked from the ground up. The casters are so concerned with playcalling every tiny movement that ***WE ARE WATCHING AS WELL*** that they rarely say anything of substance. Walshy and T2 are the only casters who ever make thoughtful remarks, the rest of the casting we have is just straight nonstop bullshitting for the entire duration of the game. There's so many times where something interesting happens in game and it could warrant a quick discussion of the strategy or thought processes taken by the players- these are opportunities to further distinguish the players and make Halo seem more interesting to viewers- but we instead hear the caster just babbling about how the player just got a kill- WE SAW THE FUCKING KILL!!!


    I know there are greater issues. I am happy to just be watching an event, which we direly need more of, but this is really bugging me this event. I don't think Halo casting should be a stream of consciousness moment for moment recital of what is happening on stream. Let the casters stop talking for just a second, let them think about what they're actually saying, and the results would be much better IMO.


    kinda agree.

    often feels like 2 play by play caster instead of one play by play caster and one color caster


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