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  1. i have no doubt there will be a sale for 50% off in the future. maybe for the next worlds or whatever
  2. same for me ​we'll have to wait ​9.99 was expected. at least it's 3 "skins" each but for that price i also won't buy more than one. and i payed with the $10 compensation form the fallout 4 pricing error
  3. am i the only one, who did not get the gold pack for his first warzone firefight win? ​and the HCS packs are also not in the german store edit: ahh okay. glad im not alone ​give us the reqs, damit
  4. yeah sure. CoD and Halo. Do you know about any other console FPS with a big or even decent esports part? let us all know please and yes, halo is cheap to support. Team Allegiance got payed 1k monthly per player (was a raise from 500 while being #1) during worlds for a short period of time. ​that is cheap as hell. the 1 year contract for the whole SK.br team is over a million. quite a difference
  5. halo ist still the top 2 console fps esports game. pricemoney is #1 right now with the backing from Microsoft. ​imho it would be really stupid to not bet on halo for the moment. give it 1 - 2 years and see hot the Scene will turn out. ​halo is also cheap to support. you don't have to pay $5.000 or $10.000 + salaries. you asked the wrong question. does it hurt to have a halo team? clearly no ​its low risk - (possible) high reward ​the only scenario i can think about that would make sense business wise, is ditching halo for an overwatch team, if hector could not support 4 teams at the same time.
  6. pull the plug would only damage the brand unless he picks up another (better) halo team ​winning is not the only thing that matters for brand recognition ​and the support, despite poor performance is one of the reasons optic is big and liked by its fans Cowboys vs Pats in Football ​VP vs Luminosity in CS:GO Optic vs Renegades in Halo ​Hector is a smart guy and knows his stuff.
  7. meanwhile the CS:GO team lose in the major qualifier ​#nVLOSE

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