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  1. i would also assume high 5 or low 6 figures. but this heavily depends on the contracts the players had with clg. long term would be more expensive than short term, where optic could sing them for "free" in some months.... some buyouts for expensive cs:go players are rumored to be in the ~$50k range. (in the past - probably bigger now) ​so high 5 figure does not seem unreasonable for the full #1 halo team
  2. damit can't believe ill probably get a win today as an optic fan what a time to be alive
  3. jesus. you guys discussing contract details and disputes here public!?
  4. WiiU or NX? ​i just doubt it. esport on playstation was never a thing until they bought in on the CoD partnership. Bring Halo to PC is the way to possibly increase viewership and interest.
  5. we don't know the players contracts, but if the Sticker Money cut for the org is 50 or maybe even higher, optic has more than enough to rent a nice new house CS:GO is the esport, where the most money is right now. especially since it's pretty much just Amerika and europe instead of Dota and LoL
  6. how do the odds work? ​ofc we assume evenly strong teams because we want just the mathematical odds ​if you're 1 game up in a best of 7 series, the odds are (6C3+6C4+6C5+6C6)/64 =40/64 =65,625% to win 1 out of 2 finals 1-(1/2^2) = 75%
  7. sure every format is trash in the eyes of some1. ​so you need to make sure to use the best or least worse format. ​and in my eyes (and i'm definitely not alone here) double elimination final is the worst one and every other one is better. ​single elimination in Esports is really not that great. and you're not limited in the same way like football and have to do it, but double elimination tournament and single elimination final is totally fine. well not just fine, it's better. ​and i just don't get the outrage here, when this is done in every other major Esport. Halo is the weirdo here. ​as i said. play a best of 7 and give the wb finalist a one game advantage (and this is done in some cs:go tournaments - but non has a fucking double elimination grand final)) odds are now 65:45 instead of 75:25 in favour of the winners bracket finalist. and you still have just one tense final, where the last game of the series is actually the last game and the important tournament winning one for BOTH teams.
  8. the current system is unfair for the lower bracket finalist, as i pointed out. ​don't play a grand final, if it's not a final if you think it's unfair, that the winner bracket finalist does not have the chance to lose one game, too to be out of the tournament, ​change the whole bracket to single elimination. ​if you think single elimination sucks, play a round robin system ​if you think a round robin system is boring, we're back at the start of this discussion. double grand final is just the worst possible format ​
  9. yes. i just wanted to point out another example, where the final is different than the rest of the tournament. and neither the teams or fans have any problem with that reinventing the wheel? as i said, it's already done that way ​ yes i do understand this. why wouldn't i? If you lose the final, you lost the tournament. pretty simple. ​but did you read and understand my post? i said the final and path to the final are different and should be treated different. and i don't even have a problem to give the upper bracket finalist an advantage over the lower bracket finalist. just not a "if you lose the final, just play it again you have a second shot" advantage. because it makes finals a joke by default. just the mindset for both teams: wb team needs to lose 2* best of 7 to not win. lb team needs to win 2* best of 7 to not lose. both teams play literally a total different game, while play against each other. it's beyond me, that teams are even okay with this. ​the first best of seven is basically a halftime of a best of 14 game. but if the wb team wins halftime 1, the final is done. ​ in this format, the wb finalist has a chance of 75% to win the final. so why bother ever playing the final? because we want the best team to win the tournament! well that's fair enough, but if you just want the best team to win the tournament, play a roundrobin system. but don't play an elimination 1on1 bracket. ​every game in the tournament has a 50:50 chance of winning for each team. your final is a screwed 75:25 one
  10. it's not about earned advantages or fairness. it's about the difference between a double elimination bracket and double elimination grand final ​the purpose for a double elimination bracket it the second chance for your path to the final. if you have one bad game, you're not out of the whole tournament. the final is a seperate part of the event. and should be treated like that. IF you lose in the bracket, you will face a different opponent and have a different path to the final. if you lose the final, you just replay against the same team. ​if you want to be taken as a serious competition, you just can't have a second shot at the final. you can't sell this "a team can lose the final, no problem, it will be replayed anyway" ​The international is double elimination bracket and a normal grand final ​The Campions League is 2 games for quarter and semi finals, but just one for the final Halo is the only game i know where you can lose the final and don't lost the final. ​the final is always the most boring part and game of every halo competition. that sucks
  11. he's right ​a second grand final is just not tense. a final should be tense. give the Upper bracket finalist an advantage in the map veto or 1 game advantage in a BO9 series, but 2* BO7 as grand final sucks imho ​ the second problem with halo esport, that was not mentioned yet: ​take it serious. don't push the halo ip, push the sport. ​don't make a halo trophy. make a trophy ​don't show just halo stuff in the breaks. show team and player stuff. right now, everything is just halo. and it's far behind games like cs:go, dota and lol ​these are some small details, that really bother me.
  12. this seems already better than halo esports...
  13. all you guys that want no sprint / spartan abilites - you want to change the whole game. ​won't happen ​no radar is the biggest change i could see. ​1. no double elimination grand final - bracket is fine, but final sucks ​2. 3m+ pricepool ​3. optic winning some games
  14. isn't relegation 5 matches in total only? and they won't show 2 of th​em? finals are 6 matches with a possible double header in the grand final. ​ 11(12) matches in 2 days and they can't show everything?
  15. is has to be crowdfunded again, if they want to be any kind of serious about halo esports you just can't go from a 2.5m to 1m pricepool within a year. ​1m base + crowdfunding again is my best guess. ​and i also see the overall pool bigger due to team sticker. or they could just use 10% of monthly req pack spending. that should be close to 1m alone.
  16. not even top 8? so behind optic and liquid? without any intercontinental scrims impossible to tell, but i just don't see them as bad as those 2 teams right now but why do i even talk about next worlds. there will be rostermania before next year
  17. FABe looks like the best ever Halo 5 EU team. better than ex Epsilon for sure ​hard to gauge, but top 4 behind CLG, nV and E6 maybe right now. ​Worlds next year will be great. these guys are legit
  18. the CLG skins are great and one of the by far best looking weapon skins in halo 5 most of halo 5 skins are kind of meh imho. so eg and optic just fit into that. ​i'll wait for the second batch before i make any conslusion. right now its one dope and 2 "okayish"
  19. 70:30 in favor of MS seems totally reasonable and is still a good cut for the orgs ​dota international is 75:25 ​cs:go major is 50:50 ​but cs:go is only that big because of esports. halo is big by itself and not mainly cause of the esports competition and orgs. they want to grow to a big esports titel ​as i said before, the maximum amount the orgs would get is 50%. MS as the xbox platformholder is taking a 30% cut on every xbox live transaction from third party IPs and theire work. ​and in this case it's even Microsofts own IP and "work". ​the team cut is between 20% worst case and 50% best case scenario ​my personal guess that would make sense. 50% goes to ms as profit. 30% to the team and 20% goes to the overall HCS pricepool. so indirectly to the team
  20. well they could release a cheap pack at $3.99 with 1 out of the 3 skins to unlock maybe someone should hint this to 343i and Microsoft ​i would like that and gamble to get the CLG AR. that thing is just pure sex. but i don't care for the rest and do not want to support them ​
  21. so you have to buy one more pack anyway. ​i just got 1 hcs skin out of 7 possible in my optic pack. you got that luck and 2 all the time? or did you already unlock all non hcs skins, though!? otherwise there is the chace to not even unlocking 1 additional hcs skin if you're unlucky ​are the old ones in this packs, too if i unlocked all the new ones?
  22. wasn't one of the current br skins in the last year HCS pack?
  23. they need to sell 100.000 packs to gross $1 million ​last year the esl one colonge cs:go major grossed over 8.4 million in sticker money the international 2015 grossed 67.3 million in compendium sales 100.000 seems like a big number, but $1 million is really not much money at all
  24. well the cut could be anything between 10 and 50% ​we know for sure its not above 50 because Microsoft as the platform holder is taking a 30% cut on any live transaction even from third Partys IP ​and these are halo skins. they just use the orgs brand and name. if ms is very generous it's 50%. otherwise it's less

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