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  1. Damn Gears has over 40k viewers on Twitch + Mixer. How did Gears become so much bigger so fast?
  2. Didn't watch much bechause of the OWL playoffs, but i'm in for championship Sunday. Especially want to see the new maps and modes. Viewership numbers are depressing tho. Gears is now generally bigger than Halo :O And Gears will get a new game next year. Next Halo is probably just in 2020.
  3. Big shout out to the casters with their change in commentary. To explain the basics a bit more and have a more beginner friendly stream. Very smart and good choice.
  4. Halo 6 on Pc will be huge alone. ​I hope they do it right. Competitive Halo will still be Controller / Console i assume, tho.
  5. Those Ninja Fortnite minor fans, don't really care about Halo. ​Some probably don't even know Halo and they turn off immediately. ​Ninja watching the stream with commentary, like Summit did 2 years ago, would've probably kept some more viewers on board. ​But now they don't watch either Fortnite, or Ninja. edit: 7k on Mixer is also a decent viewership numbers. It's not even the finale, yet.
  6. I'm not yet salty. Just if Infused does not make it out of the groups. In that case i am super salty. ​But maybe they could've made it out as the #1 seed this way...
  7. They go into the tournament as TOX? Or is that some acronym i don't know yet?
  8. This could be seen as testing the water and experience potential impact. ​So i'm sure the new OpTic leadership is doing some more consideration for the even bigger old console team. ​Even if they're not the rising star going forward.
  9. Speculation on your part, or where do you base this on? That would be at least very telling...
  10. I thought the investment was just money and for ownership in the Overwatch League brand / spot. ​So they have a say in operations aswell.
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