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  1. Recently framed all these signed jerseys I have collected over the years (ogre2 one isnt signed since I got it from Roy).
  2. Shotzzy to Sentinels??? Although I think if Shotzzy would come back to Halo then it makes a lot of sense for Frosty to just come back. He also has been playing a lot of H5 recently...
  3. Saiyan playing on 8 sens looks like he is on mouse and keyboard. He also went 37-19 on Sanc slayer one game
  4. Place is dead! We had H2A scrims tonight with an interesting Midship forge map. Tox vs Saiyan, Ryanoob, King Nick, Rayne. Ryanoob won 7-4 I think
  5. anyone else miss pro-league? I actually enjoyed that part of watching halo 5. hope they bring a version of that back for infinite
  6. There was just very limited gameplay shown through out the whole Xbox event.
  7. Honestly, pretty disappointed in the trailer. More than half of it is just some guy groaning.
  8. idk how he does it, but Shotzzy's movement in h3 is on another level. you just dont really see pros move around a map like he does
  9. Was so much fun to watch. I really like the mix up with the BTB and the rivals series as well. Great casting as alwys
  10. Eco playing with fantasy, goofy, Gabriel in a scrim against rec tonight
  11. I made a top ten: Ogre 2 Lethul Pistola Ogre 1 Walshy Snipedown Roy Lunchbox Snakebite Royal 2
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