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  1. Yeah people said CLG/OG were awkward after wins but god damn Splyce take it to another level of awkwardness.
  2. Oh well maybe next event. GGs Splyce. Be back in four months.
  3. Wow can't think of the last time I saw Splyce get dominated in a slayer this badly.
  4. Well I don't see Tox resetting the bracket against Splyce, as much as I'd like to think they could. Just hoping for no 4-0s to close out the event.
  5. Renegades top 3. When is the last time APG placed top 3 in Halo 5?
  6. I understand that I just don't think the remaining amount of series would keep them there till "Late AF P.M." I don't mean to be overly critical. I'm really enjoying the event!
  7. Well yeah. I think both should be on main stage. I mean there's only 4 series left in the day, 5 if the GF resets. Plus it's only 2:30PM CST.
  8. Renegades vs Trifecta on Bravo? Kind of lame to put Trifecta on Bravo stage after upsetting the number 1 seeded team...
  9. Fair enough. I feel like that should be done when a 13 seed team knocks out the 1 seed in a 50-49 game 5.
  10. So there's no way we can see either POVs from the last kill?
  11. What a run from trifecta after getting destroyed in groups.
  12. Yes, by focusing on him more than the others...I mean he said it himself.
  13. Did you watch the Shotzy interview? He specifically stated they focus down one specific player on Tox. That's what I was referring to.
  14. If it wasn't already obvious, the player Splyce focuses down is royal 2. I don't blame them.
  15. I take back what I said earlier, Splyce are on point. Hopefully Tox can at least make the grand finals interesting.
  16. This feels like Tox's tourney to lose. Will be interesting to see if Splce decide to scrim after this event. They definitely don't look as clean as they did in Orlando.
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