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  1. I don't see this happening unless they decide to just not compete in the online qualifiers which seems unlikely. I think at the worst they perform mediocre in the online qualifiers and get placed in a pool with another top team.
  2. What a damn good series by Faze! GGs to SEN, I was expecting a 7/8th finish at best so top 4 is something to be happy with imo. Definitely rooting for Faze to win the whole thing.
  3. Did anyone have eUnited AND Faze placing over Optic? Crazy champ sunday so far!
  4. I would think the rest of the series should be on either the A or B streams right?
  5. Down to top 8 already at 1PM EST. If things keep going smoothly this might actually end at a reasonable hour.
  6. To be fair they had a chance to stay on the "easy" side of winners with a win over KCP
  7. I've been pretty critical of 343 this weekend but I really appreciate that all of the losers bracket games are being streamed right now.
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