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  1. Halo Online is great but one thing to keep in mind for competitive gametypes is that there is very little kill trading allowed by the netcode. The game will not send information that you've hit another player if their game says they got enough damage to kill you on their end first. The result is a pretty massive bias towards players who live closer to the dedicated servers. European players will struggle to win BR battles, Australians/Asia/Oceania even more so. The BR spread is also random but it is hitscan. Still a great experience though, even with that because the net code is better than Halo 3's. The MLG stuff is fairly true to Halo 3's as well. Some members of the community did a great job using the very limited forge options to even create Amplified and Onslaught. I wish more people would play it. It's probably the best Halo game on PC right now and is really easy to set up when you follow the directions.
  2. As someone who plays solely on PC now and has to deal with ~200ms ping because of my location, I think it's kind of a mixed bag. Each has major flaws as well as good points. This is just my experience playing the games with high ping. I'll keep this strictly about online performance. Project Cartographer is the most connection based game. If you're playing from EU(~150ms) or Oceania (~200ms) you're going to killed a fair number of times by beginners/below average players on US servers. You will notice your bullets not registering and it can often take a whole BR clip to kill someone even though you can tell their strafing is trash. In other words, it's bloodshot city. Disconnects happen on occasion and crashes almost never happen. Halo Online/Eldewrito is less connection based than Project Cartographer so you'll be able to punish people who are clearly below you in skill level. When playing against equal or better skill levels on US servers, a large difference in ping (im talking 75-100ms) means you're going to lose most, if not all 1v1 scenarios. Disconnects are super rare and crashes happen less than Halo 5. Halo 5 probably has the best and fairest online code. Shots almost always register and it allows kill trades so if your shots are good, you at least get a trade which really helps us players not from the US have a fighting chance. Unfortunately the game loves to crash every now and then so it's probably the worst game stability wise.
  3. They're definitely frustrating to play against, that's for sure. When you're playing FFA against people whom you know are below you in skill and yet you feel like you're struggling to get a lead despite using the precision weapon - you take a look at the killfeed and it's killed by assault rifle, killed by smg, killed by spartan charge etc. They definitely allow lesser players to pick up kills they wouldn't have been able to otherwise with a precision. And I say this knowing that I'm a much worse player than pretty much everyone here. Automatics absolutely (whether intentionally or not - though it's probably intentional) make people feel like they're good at the game. Now when it comes to the pro circuit, I don't really like seeing these assault rifle/ other automatic weapon kills. I feel like it takes away from showcasing the skill level of the pros, all of whom are able to pull off 5 shot kills and engage in intense 1v1 fights that (at least for me) remind me somewhat of Halo CE. The precision weapons (especially the pistol) are so much more pleasing to watch from a viewer/aesthetic standpoint.
  4. I'd be pretty shocked if they removed sprint, and I'm sure all you guys would be shocked too even though it does hurt gameplay. I think we all realise sprint is here to stay so in that regard most of the discussion shouldn't be about removing it in Halo 6 (because that won't improve the game since it's so unlikely to happen) but rather what changes need to be made to continue to effectively integrate sprint. Of course there's obvious things like spartan charge and slide which are essentially bailout buttons (think knife lunge in call of duty) that reward and even promote lazy, thoughtless gameplay. Perhaps they could increase the base movement speed slightly and decrease the sprint speed as well - just decrease the gap between base/sprint speed so it's not a personal vehicle you can pull out of your pocket but just a little bit of an aid to get to where you want to get. I prefer my Halos without sprint but Halo 5 has easily done the best job in the series of working sprint into the game. If it has to stay for Halo 6 I'd prefer a minimalist approach with only sprint, thrust and clamber.
  5. Could you add genuine full screen mode to your list? Or is this not possible for windows apps/is it already full screen? At the moment it looks like its locked to windowed/windowed borderless. In Witcher 3 I used full screen to get some extra FPS since you don't have to run your desktop at the same time. I'm also reading some things about windowed mode in other games creating tiny amounts of input lag.
  6. By far the biggest thing is that aiming on the mouse is too difficult. There's almost certainly input lag or mouse acceleration or a combination of both those things. It's extremely frustrating because you want to aim and you can do everything else properly (positioning/power weapon management/strafing etc) but your crosshairs just don't go where you want them to. This absolutely has to be corrected. Many people would also like a genuine full screen option. Right now you can only run the game in windowed full screen which means other programs running are going to be using resources in the background. This is critical for people with cards that aren't upper end. The game runs well enough windowed but it could perform better with a real full screen mode.
  7. This is part of the reason I'm not always convinced dedicated servers are actually a good thing for pc games. Basically, the people who run the dedicated servers don't have much of a grasp on game balancing theories or are not particularly smart so you end up with everything being least common denominator settings: max players, popular map(s). Some servers do it fairly well with CTF games that can last over a day(s) and you can rejoin with your stats from the previous session, with different people hopping on etc like one gigantic battle. So that's actually pretty cool but I find these sort of servers are pretty rare. But back to the main point: Every server ends up as 16 player cluster****s. I think CoD Black Ops is probably the most egregious example of this. It's essentially unplayable if you're not a fan of 18 players on Nuketown. This is a pattern that is constantly repeated in games with server browsers. Ultimately though, we're the niche and we have to deal with that and server browsers tend to do more good than bad when there isn't any runaway oversaturation of one or two types of game settings.
  8. I'm not familiar with Halo 5's game options or its time to kills/spread values etc, but what about DMR starts? I'm assuming its just a more powerful pistol where the bullets go where you're pointing no matter the range. That seems like something people want. Then you can finally (I think its about time we do this) get away from burst weapons in pro play and really shore up the sandbox to one that is more similar to Halo 1/2/3 with your close range power weapon(sword or shotgun), rockets/FRG and sniper.
  9. If anything, I feel that the buff to the BR made Halo 4 worse. All of a sudden you have a weapon which kills faster than the single shot utilities, can still damage players when you're inaccurate (burst) and requires little aim to land the finishing headshot (burst again). That just doesn't make any sense at all in hindsight. It's just blatantly poor balancing that resulted from listening to a vocal component of the casual community. I think choosing gameplay-wise (competitively) which is better between both games at launch, you're basically picking your poison though.
  10. Projectiles are pretty dicey in online play, especially a platform that's as unstable (as far as I can recall) as Halo 2 Vista. Coupled with a 3 round burst this could be even more frustrating. But is it a single shot BR? All things considered though, very cool stuff. If you can get a dedicated server up I'd be interested in having a go.
  11. Fortunately, at the very least there are ammo boxes. I don't think these can be removed with forge on the Pit/Narrows anyway. What did your Guardian setup look like? Was it a 4sk setup? I've never liked the sniper's default position at S3, but I decided to just use the standard MLG variant because I didn't feel like my alternatives were that great. Is 1 sniper top mid or at the hammer fair? On 3sk (110% dmg) however, I replaced the Mauler with either a hammer or sword and put a plasma pistol top mid.
  12. The game certainly does have potential, aside from the rare black screen. I've been fiddling around with the 4sk DMR that has no bloom and no spread for the past few days. That would probably serve as the foundation for all gametypes. It can also be made a 3sk on 110% damage settings, which is really intriguing. I'm pretty sure it's possible to get something close to Halo 1 or ZBNS Reach.
  13. I appreciate both games for at least attempting to leave behind the Battle Rifle as the utility weapon of choice. It's just a shame they went back on their progress in Halo 4 when they updated it. Edit: I should clarify, that the return of single shot weapons to prominence came with a bunch of other baggage which was much worse.
  14. As my first post (sorry if necrobumped): I feel like this is a good place to discuss potential competitive settings for this game. Right now, there are "MLG" servers but they've pretty much copied the Halo 3 settings, despite this being a different game with different options to explore. There's also a 4v4 tournament being held using said settings. It's a little disappointing that the Halo Online community isn't interested in creating the most optimal competitive experience.

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