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  1. I'm currently in a to2 with MasterGoob (http://halo5arena.com/player/MasterGoob) and myself (http://halo5arena.com/player/sixteenbit)


    Looking for F/A's or other to2's that have good coms, can keep a cool head and can take L's. 


    We want to obviously grow as a team and potentially scrim often. If you can't take loses and quickly want to break up or take a better offer than we are not for you. 

    You can reply to this thread or messge me on XBOX Live @ sixteenbit or MasterGoob

  2. Yo feel free to add me man and we can run some octagon to get the shot better and go over map movement and such! Definitely not the best player but willing to help others learn and grow! GT: sixteenbit

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