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  1. Yo I'm down in a couple of hours if you're still up. Not very good but 1v1s are chill. Add my GT: sixteenbit
  2. Yo, I'd like to run for your team. I messaged you on Xbox Live
  3. Hey hit me up! Have several onyx accounts. GT: sixteenbit twitter - @thesixteenbit
  4. Yo, hmu Onyx on this account and have several second accounts that are Onyx from just Solo Q-ing. GT: sixteenbit
  5. I'm currently in a to2 with MasterGoob (http://halo5arena.com/player/MasterGoob) and myself (http://halo5arena.com/player/sixteenbit) Looking for F/A's or other to2's that have good coms, can keep a cool head and can take L's. We want to obviously grow as a team and potentially scrim often. If you can't take loses and quickly want to break up or take a better offer than we are not for you. You can reply to this thread or messge me on XBOX Live @ sixteenbit or MasterGoob
  6. Yo, I'm down to run. I can fill any role on any team and definitely have slaying ability as well as knowledge on rotations, spawns, and obj.
  7. My team and I are looking for a solid 4th who is definitely going to Vegas. This is a serious must since we will all be attending vegas and doing the online qualifiers as well. If you're serious feel free to hit me up at GT: sixteenbit or my other teammate HCS IronGiant
  8. Just as the title says, we are looking for people who are dedicated to the team and are willing to put in the work to get to the highest level of competition. If you are interested message me GT: sixteenbit or message my teammate HCS Irongiant and we will run games with you. Thank you.
  9. Yo homie, let's run some games together!
  10. Yo my homie and I are a team of two as well and looking to start running with other people as well. Would like to run with you guys and see how everything pans out
  11. Yo, I'm a very dedicated player looking to get better in the game. Consider adding me to the team: gt is sixteenbit
  12. I'm looking to join a team to compete in the HCS Open Circuit and compete in as many tournaments as possible. Unfortunately unable to go into any LANs right now but willing to put in the dedicated time and willing to grow together as a team. GT: sixteenbit
  13. Message Gt: sixteenbit im gonna be on in an hour and a half playing some FFA but want to compete in the open cup this saturday
  14. GT: sixteenbit i need to join a team and want to compete in future cups
  15. gt: sixteenbit running games with a bunch of people. trying to get back into the grind
  16. Add me sixteenbit. Im just coming back too and looking to form a team
  17. I live 5 hours away in Brownsville, TX
  18. I'm looking to form or a join a team. Usually onyx 1700 in solo arena and slayer and 2100-2200 in FFA. I just got back on my halo grind so i need to get some rust ofd. Add me or msg me here Gt: sixteenbit
  19. Always looking to play custom 8s with people! GT: sixteenbit Region: NA Central
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