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  1. Yo feel free to add me man and we can run some octagon to get the shot better and go over map movement and such! Definitely not the best player but willing to help others learn and grow! GT: sixteenbit
  2. Welcome dude! Definitely a great community to be apart of and don't be afraid to add me GT: sixteenbit I'm by far not a great player but maybe there's something I could teach you and you could teach me. Help each other improve but definitely glad to see you back in this community!
  3. F/A looking to compete in the HCS tournaments, and all available tournaments. Team Chemistry is very important and consistent practice. Please contact me on twitter: twitter.com/markeesimo or on my GT: sixteenbit if you are willing to try me out.
  4. My GT: sixteenbit Hyper competitive, and always looking to improve my game. I want to be part of a team that will compete in ESL Tournements, set up scrims and just be dedicated to improving. I can handle the criticism and welcome it to improve.
  5. Hello! First off I want to say is that Im still looking for a team to compete at all possible tourneys. I'm looking for people who are dedicated to the game, willing to put in ~4 hours of team practice everyday. People who are willing to grind and take criticism to improve their game. I'm hyper competitive and looking for like minded individuals. I'm relatively new to the competitive scene of Halo 5 and enjoy it very much and occasionally stream. My GT: sixteenbit Message me directly or here and let's get a to4 if no one is willing to pick me up.
  6. Hello! I've been looking for a team to compete in the challenger, scuff and pretty much all tourneys that we possibly can. Growing as a team is very important to me. GT: sixteenbit

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