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  1. seems like another might be switching. Im glad one wants to try gears. Game is so much fun and hard.
  2. just saw that too. But it won't be til next year since he's 17. Maybe by then, multiplayer reveal for halo 6 comes out and grabs everyones attention.
  3. better rivalries. Another big thing is the raffles they have. Win team skins,xbox S,weapon skins for watching,etc.
  4. Has anyone played on Guardian in hardcore? It shows that it's one of the maps,but I never played on it.
  5. Man i was hoping for echo to win :/. With kenny and icy being from optic after the drama happened,I was hoping for them two to win. Maybe next time
  6. Don't know if anyone here watched the finals of gears,but man this listen-in is the best.
  7. I want Towey to cast at least one event. Miss having him in the halo scene
  8. Anyone else found Nero looking weird in DMC5? I love thr series but i don't know about this one. Also, gears 5 looks amazing
  9. Hector really fucked up with optic man. Edit: welp,beat me to it. But still,this is just a slap to the face to tox.
  10. "Dirty Rumor is Halo Infinity is halo reach remastered 4k60 , ODST & halo 5 added to Halo MCC, with two new MP modes, firefight and battle road as well as all games enhanced for X 4K 60 . 19.99 launch Sept Marcus Sellers Special" posting someone's tweet. Don't know how to properly do it here ._.
  11. Anyone else hoping for a new Elder Scrolls game to be announced at e3? It'd been 7 years since Skyrim came out and i just wanted to slaughter endless people in the name of Talos.
  12. no one is mocking him for being "on the grind", the other guy is just tired of seeing him come off as an ass. "Yeah all those forgers suck but me.Im better than all of them. 343 is shit,etc." Like yeah we get it, 343 isn't that great. But what is it going to accomplish when that's all we hear every day from him and hearing how he's better than everyone else? Dude needs to calm it down with the ego and hate. If he makes a better game than 343,good for him. If he doesn't? Just going to make him look like a jackass talking all that shit.
  13. Well, CA Walmart leaked out upcoming games for Xbox. Borderlands 3, gears 5,_ Rage 2,but no halo 6. So I'm guessing no halo 6 reveal at E3? What a shame. I would post the tweet but i dont know how :/
  14. Why did they ruined FFA? Like seriously..who's idea was it to go back to ARS, brute rifles,etc?? It was fun with just pistok starts,now im just annoyed.
  15. Can anyone help me out? If I'm trying to visit this site from home it says "#2000 you're not allowed in this community" but once I'm off the wifi i can be on here??
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