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  1. Hmmm maybe because he’s good at his job? I have mad respect for individuals who see a particular problem and go out and try to make a change. It’s ok if you don’t agree with him but that job jab is slimy.


    I’m not sure a lot of you guys work in a creative field but he’s absolutely right in identifying the problems with “yes men” in creative projects. It erodes the whole process until you get that soulless boring shit everyone complains about. I would hire him without a second thought. That passion and drive is insane and I know he wouldn’t let me ship a awful product without letting me have it. Which means more money in my pocket in the end. Critique is absolutely essential in producing quality. If it’s bad it’s bad, that stuff needs to be weeded out as quickly as possible. People who don’t get that are soft anyway and would never ever be the best at what they do.


    So I’m not going to sit here on my ass mocking someone who’s trying to make it and be the best at what he does. This community has a knack at driving talented people away, saw the same shit with Ninja. Constant trash talk/mocking for being on the grind and now that he’s basically a celebrity the tone completely switched. Multi is literally giving you the low down on how things break down with the industry and is helping all of us understand wth happened to halo. But people mock him because he’s on the grind and some people can’t wait for his project to come out so you guys can grill him. That shit is gross.

    no one is mocking him for being "on the grind", the other guy is just tired of seeing him come off as an ass. "Yeah all those forgers suck but me.Im better than all of them. 343 is shit,etc." Like yeah we get it, 343 isn't that great. But what is it going to accomplish when that's all we hear every day from him and hearing how he's better than everyone else? Dude needs to calm it down with the ego and hate. If he makes a better game than 343,good for him. If he doesn't? Just going to make him look like a jackass talking all that shit.
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