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  1. I like spartan. People always gave him shit before,which I could understand. But now,people are just assholes to him(some people in this forum) when he tries to defend himself. I don't get it. Some kid says something to him, yeah it was bait,but still. Lethul takes bait too but hardly anyone gives him like they give to spartan. He's grown a lot since last year. Might be negged but oh well,point still stands.
  2. I think hecz is lying now. I remember watching optic ashes(coach for the gears team) saying GOW is going downhill. 6 orgs have left and viewer ship isn't going up that much. It has better production and all that..but no way its beating halo.
  3. I love how they are starting To use Misha's over song he wrote for H2A. Such a big fan of him and his band.
  4. So should people not talk shit anymore then just because it might lead to a fight? There goes gears.
  5. I hate how Icy,the one who got punched and lost a damn tooth,is being punished also. Ban Godplays from gears, make him pay a fine towards Icy.
  6. I really love how calm EG's comms are now. No fighting, better understanding,I really seeing them doing great this season
  7. I try to scroll down but i accidentally neg you sorry ;_; but man...good to see EG making progress!!!
  8. Anyone know the song thats playing during the break? Seems fun to play on guitar
  9. i know. Such a dumb call to drop cam after one bad week. They all got along so well and did work...why ruin something good?
  10. did you forget about EG beating OG with cam and Tyler? And were top three for about the two weeks?
  11. I really don't get why Cam and Tyler got the boot during the league...They fucking beat OG with that team but no,team changes. Hell,we had a chance to pick up Ryan instead of ogre but no.EG really needs to practice and get their shit together.
  12. I'll love to see echo fox. Loving their team in gears and think if 343 makes more team skins,theirs would look amazing.
  13. Naded said he wouldn't mind with EG...but dont know if that'll be great on the tilt radar.
  14. EG lost again 50-42 in Coli. Hope they pull it together in the LCQ
  15. Can EG still qualify for worlds in LCQ??? Or is it not possible?
  16. Good job on TC. But hell...I'm tired of EG making the dumbest pushes in the game. I want them to go far but after many dumb decisions... It hurts to be an EG fan .#LifeisTow
  17. What happened to golden boy?? He tweeted something about walshy....is there beef between them?
  18. Towey and Lunchbox about to scrap it out after scrims...just want EG to be back on top again #feelsbad

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