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  1. Got a question guys. If halo 6's competitive scene went to PC,y'all think halo would be close to the top of esports again?
  2. um....these aren't the OG controllers? These were the only ones i had growing up
  3. Anyone know if SADES SA810S are any good?? Need a new pair of headphones.
  4. Anyone else having problems with halo? My brother has to reinstall the entire game for some reason.
  5. Well since there's nothing being talked about...who do y'all think is going to be the fourth in EG???
  6. EG did great tonight. Suck it whoever said they'll get rekt.
  7. yeah,you're right. My mistake. Well,hopefully he bounces back. He's an underrated player to me.
  8. true, but I can see spartan taking it as a personal attack. I mean,a pro being an AM? Probably made him think he's not good enough to be a pro, even when he shouldn't have been dropped.

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