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  1. seems like another might be switching. Im glad one wants to try gears. Game is so much fun and hard.
  2. just saw that too. But it won't be til next year since he's 17. Maybe by then, multiplayer reveal for halo 6 comes out and grabs everyones attention.
  3. better rivalries. Another big thing is the raffles they have. Win team skins,xbox S,weapon skins for watching,etc.
  4. Has anyone played on Guardian in hardcore? It shows that it's one of the maps,but I never played on it.
  5. Man i was hoping for echo to win :/. With kenny and icy being from optic after the drama happened,I was hoping for them two to win. Maybe next time
  6. Don't know if anyone here watched the finals of gears,but man this listen-in is the best.
  7. I want Towey to cast at least one event. Miss having him in the halo scene
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