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  1. Along with Warthogs I've seen better vehicle handling in mariokart. EDIT- I think we should add koopa shells to Halo
  2. I rarely post anymore after I got temp banned. Its honestly nuts, you can't even hold a good argument on there anymore without a thread getting locked Its like they want you to like 343i or something Also no hitmarkers for grenades and projectile weapons at least. Bad addition
  3. Anyone remember when FFA was called Rumble, and when it wasn't a AR campfest, and when it was decently enjoyable AND competitive? Pepperidge Farm remembers
  4. So this HCS Codes thread on waypoint is "codes only" Apparently you can't complain about the finals of HCS stream going down because its CODES ONLY. Give me a break In other news, the stream lost most of its viewers. GG
  5. I didn't say it was a fact, I just don't think that I would naturally overcompensate on aim every single time an ability is used, even in games I'm underaiming. But what do I know, I suck at sniping in general so maybe it is just me. Its not an extreme stretch that something like this would be implemented into Halo 5 though
  6. Pretty much agree with this guy. Halo 5 sniper would be the easiest sniper in any Halo game if it wasn't paired with this crap aiming system and the weird jumps in aim assist when using abilities. You would think it'd make it easier but I overcompensate my aim every single time it happens
  7. So what I'm seeing here is a casual player who left Halo 5 early because it sucked, came back and saw the map count had risen (Map quality deteriorated, but I guess he didn't see that) and core gamemodes that should've been there at launch had been added? 343i would have a successful game if casuals came back to games after 1 1/2 years like this guy, but they don't Even if people tried coming back, nobody is gonna waste their time redownloading 100 gigs of floof. Theres shinier, less buggy, more casual-friendly and overall more solid games with more content for half the memory of Halo 5.
  8. Honestly I have no idea how any of this works, I just think its sad that Forza at 4K assets barely matches Halo 5 at 900/1080p assets. I'm just someone who is still PO'd because 3 games of better quality and MUCH less memory were left broken so 343i could work on their 110 gigabyte baby Its good to know that all the time not wasted fixing MCC went to a good cause, such as post-launch BTB, Oddball, Infection, Forge, the amazing UI! Like wow I'm so glad they didn't fix MCC so they could release a barebones game with free DLC filled with cut content!
  9. Yeah I know, I'm saying its sad that a game with all of its 4K assets is on par memory-wise to a game that runs 900/1080p assets (I forgot which one) I don't understand how 4K games can equal Halo 5's memory, I don't see how MCC, which has 4 1/2 games in it, is over 30 gigs less than 5. It makes no sense how a game like Halo 5 needs that much space, or why nobody at 343i has thought that maybe trying to bring the size down would be a good idea I know it does, but honestly its BS Halo 5 takes up so much space in the first place. Anyone that would want a 4K Halo 5 would be looking at 200+ Gigs based on 343i's excellent compression methods
  10. Yeah BTB used to be my go-to gametype, but in Halo 5 I haven't touched it in months. Half the maps suck, the other half have framerate drops that make it super frustrating to play. Just sad BTB (along with many other core gametypes that got pushed into the "Free DLC" BS) got the shaft because Warzone is 343i's new baby
  11. Oh right sorry, decent UI to 343's standards. It wasn't amazing but better than Halo MCC and Halo 5's laggy, clunky, and glitchy UI Its decent because it worked unlike anything that came after
  12. So for the Scorpio (I'm not calling it Xbox One X) to handle 4K for Forza 7 it'll take 100 gigs of memory? And for Halo 5 with its like 900p? resolution takes the same amount?
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