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  1. https://www.ugcesports.gg/teams/instinct you really love to see that
  2. Scrims were not going very good from what I saw and a not very good performance in the 1st 2k. Teddy and Ramby probably decided waiting to see how long it took the halo guys to get used to cod wasn't worth the risk. That's just a random guess though. Could be completely wrong.
  3. not sure if anyone knows this but i was wondering is the schedule out there for the open ffa/the finals for ffa at hwc. any info would be greatly appreciated
  4. Feel like half this stream could have been summed up in a tweet saying we will announce more stuff soon
  5. the crowd for this is louder than the crowd at events
  6. eg is scrimming with tapping buttons in place of naded
  7. I guess that means 25m radar range. Not a huge fan of that
  8. Ace might need to learn the H3 BR spread after that clip
  9. From a viewer's perspective id at least like to see the pros do some testing on different radar settings like smaller diameter sa radar or maybe even no radar with the new settings but I guess there are probably reasons why they aren't
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