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  1. Same. On mobile, the ads at the bottom of the last two pages have been baby formula and car seats. ?
  2. I'm afraid that his new found fame has inflated @@FrankTheShow's ego to levels that even the HCS balloons could never dream of. But I think @@Clap is exactly right, and I think it's been shown with the replies to @@Elamite that all we want is communication, and that when we get it, it is received with gratitude, not hate. If this whole mess brings some 343 reps back into the forum, we have to make sure the bridge doesn't get burned again. The only communication we have control over is our own, so if we get the chance to talk to someone (ahem @@Tashi @@Timo), let's remind them that talking to their most passionate competitive fan base is an asset that cannot be ignored. Stay lit, fam.
  3. "They can't out-slay you!!!" Summary of my time at HWC 2017 below: Well folks, never made it into main stage on Sunday, but we got pretty hype in our cozy tent. 2 people short of making it in. I appreciated the extra attention they paid to the tent people on Sunday, and won a set of a40 speaker tags (now I've just gotta get the a40s to go with them. That's how they get ya). I believe they did the best they could with what they had, the issue is that they put themselves in that situation to begin with. Open and honest communication with the community has to become a priority. I understand the need for overflow seating, but overflow should nevertheless outnumber the people in the actual venue. Had I known that only 60 normal spectators would be allowed in main stage, that would have influenced my decision. The "halo festival" was a merch tent where the merch was raffled off, not available for sale, the parked warthog, and some cosplayers roaming around. There's nothing wrong with that, just let people know. Bravo stream had no spectators at all, and only a small tv with no dedicated audio, had I known that, it would have influenced my decision. Getting hype at a side/feature station is an amazing part of events, and missing out on that was a huge bummer. I don't regret going, I'll always love watching live halo with other fans (I was already in CA on my company's dime for a conference though, my buddy spent $600 to meet me there and I can't say the same for him), but this was not an appropriate event for a million dollar tournament and I just want to know why it happened. Why has no one addressed it and let us know what went into this situation? I'm still hopeful for the future of Halo and the HCS. The minute we stop caring is the moment 343 stops having a reason to put effort into the scene.
  4. Sunday update: they let 6 more in, so only 2 people in front of me. They've definitely stepped up the tent experience though. We got a bunch of giveaways and our own tent raffle and they brought in some soda and snacks for us. A bunch of the casters have been out here chatting as well. but metal bleachers hurt.
  5. Everyone is on one side because this side is the line to get into main stage. Number of people who have been let in to main stage since the ffa started: 1 However, it's raining mega bloks minis up in here. So, it's lit.
  6. Sunday update: had to check out of the hotel and everything, got here 9:45. Currently waiting in the overflow tent for a spot in main stage. 8 people in front of me, about 25-30 behind. Will I make it into main stage by grand finals? Stay tuned.
  7. 3 sections with 4 rows in each section, each row being 10 seats. Like this (sorry, on mobile, hopefully this formats): xxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxx - legendary xxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxx - normal xxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxx - normal xxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxxdankxxxxxxxxxx - player/VIP
  8. From the perspective of the guy, a spectator at HWC 2017 (whose last event attended was MLG Columbus 2010. Oh the memories): Arrived at 8:45, like 8th in line. Everyone got let in at like 9:40, we had to go to the back of the line because we hadn't attended yesterday and didn't have passes, finally got in and they just checked our name, gave us passes. The viewing tent isn't great, definitely not why I drove 5 hours and paid $60. B stream was probably the biggest disappointment, just the one small screen in the tent, and you had to actually stand up by it if you wanted audio. Main stage has 60 normal seats, 30 legendary pass seats, and 30 player/VIP reserved seats. It's pretty cramped, but we definitely got hyped at times. If you got a seat, you better not give it up, it took us like 3-4 hours to get back in. Overall it's just kind of disheartening. I'm glad I'm here, I'll always love watching good halo live. I hope a strong message is sent, and instead of just pumping money into prize pools, we get funding for amazing events and spectator experiences. Ignoring MLG's experience, not only as a TO, but with Halo specifically, is unwise. Here's to an awesome Championship Sunday. Stay passionate, beyond.
  9. The plight of a lurker with a 4 month old... whenever a topic comes up you want to comment on, it was 12+ hours ago and when you finally catch up after the baby goes down, people are talking about mayonnaise instead. But I'm actually attending worlds, guys. It's lit. I'm heading to cali for a work conference, and after learning that worlds was the weekend after, I had to commit, because I seriously doubt much hcs action will come to Arkansas any time soon. So at 5pm on Friday, I'm renting a car, driving 5 hours down the coast to Burbank, soaking up as much halo as possible on Saturday and Sunday, then driving 5 hours back Sunday night to catch my Monday 8am flight. Totally worth. Stay passionate beyond.
  10. Yeah flexible employers are the best. I actually work 7:30-5 with a half hour lunch, which are 9 hour days, then I get every other Friday off. It's a huge perk. I guess I was just always confused how 9-5 got to be the common phrase, when I don't think it's all that common.
  11. So this has always confused me, especially since being in full time work. 9-5 is always seen as the standard full time shift. 8 hour days for a 40 hr work week. But what about lunch?? 8-5 with an hour lunch is the reality that I've seen. Are 9-5 jobs really out there? Do you just work through lunch?
  12. Matched @@Royal2 in multi team last night before they started scrimming and didn't go negative and gave him his most deaths... Do with that information what you will, this is definitely not me saying I'm Ola reborn... but there's no way to know for sure. Edit: I realize this is a childish post, I'll probably always get that giddy feeling when matching a pro in-game. #noregret
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