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  1. OT but Cratos is now playing as a bronze to make himself feel better. http://imgur.com/IdM5z2b
  2. I think it was actually 7-6 for E6. EG was saying one game (rig slayer?) Wasn't showing up.
  3. I thought Ninja was done after Plaza slayer, really glad he brought it back. That was a fantastic series!
  4. I agree, but unless you know for sure what do they do? Maybe just punish the whole team?
  5. This. I agree that the punishment should be harsh for whoever did it. But until we get actual hard evidence esl should just take away their vetoes or they risk ruining the competitive integrity of the league.
  6. Been lurking since hurricane Lethul, decided what better time to jump in than hurricane Lethul 2.0!
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