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  1. Its fun to watch these games, but we need new fresh Halo game.
  2. What I see here is big nostalgia trip. That is fine, but we must have good new halo game if we want to get new players in. Only Doctor can travel back i time to 2009.
  3. Future seem not bright to me. Living here in dark and cold Finland and waiting H:Infinite to come. Hope we get snow soon. Not so big fan to H3 but I watch it if there is nothing else. I go to sleep.... whole winter. Wake me when Infinite mp trailer is out.
  4. Over 20k viewers Twitch+Mixer. Not bad for three year old console game.
  5. I don't know nothing about anything, but I have good feeling about future of Halo and Halo esports. Halo 5 is almost gone and we will have classic halo since Halo Infinite comes out.And I have a feeling that Infinite will have classic or close to classic playstyle in competitive playlists. You can always hope, I guess.
  6. I think that it is a good thing. Less good players who are traveling from bottom to top. We lesser skilled can play better games without them.
  7. Quitters are still a real thing in MCC. How delightful.
  8. The situation is worst now, yes. But it will not be much better. I know it from experience. Especially in a game like MMC, played by old skillful players and starting at level 1. It is difficult for good players to understand this, but it is a real problem. It bothers the old lower level players as well as newbies.
  9. The Ranking System 1-50 is awful, terrible, and at times unbearable for lower-level Halo players. There is always some old Halo-god starting level 1. It means that I constantly die. Again and again. Games are one-sided. Only one of the ten games is somehow fair. Halo 5's Ranking System is a lot more rewarding for me. I hope 1-50 will never return to the main Halo title.
  10. I have played Halo campaigns since H1, but multiplayer only since Reach. HCE, H2 and H3 I have mostly played in MCC. H3 is my least favorite multiplayer. Its ugly and seems that I never learn use H3 BR. H2C abd H2A are my favorites. My best game is H5 but I really dont like it any more. I really hope that Halo Infinite is not like H3.
  11. Cant find any games. Finland. Looks likedanwe have very low population in Europe.
  12. I like Mixer, don't know why. It works better in Xbone I guess.

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