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  1. Its fun cos no sprint, decent maps. Too late because its 2019.
  2. I see missed sniper shots in all Halos when I play and get sniper.
  3. First Halo: Halo CE Favorite Halo: Halo CE (campaing) Halo 5 (pvp) First Competitive Halo: H2A Least Played Halo: Halo 2 Favourite Gun: Halo 5 H2 BR Favourite Map: Plaza Favourite Pro: Ola
  4. H5 was not that bad after all. I mean that fiesta... seriously stronghold is good game type.
  5. I dont like H3 that much but its still better than cod. We need new Halo to grow but this is what we have now. Its ok to me.
  6. 4 k very smart people who have good taste are watching Halo. Rest can do what they will.
  7. This has been fun event to watch. Hope Infinite is good and HCS keeps having fun future events.
  8. Halo is trending in Twitter. Dont see that everyday.
  9. Its fun to watch these games, but we need new fresh Halo game.
  10. What I see here is big nostalgia trip. That is fine, but we must have good new halo game if we want to get new players in. Only Doctor can travel back i time to 2009.
  11. Future seem not bright to me. Living here in dark and cold Finland and waiting H:Infinite to come. Hope we get snow soon. Not so big fan to H3 but I watch it if there is nothing else. I go to sleep.... whole winter. Wake me when Infinite mp trailer is out.

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