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  1. XXL UK Onyx need people to actually be online to play at various times as my schedules all over the place and I often have nobody to search with
  2. I think they should stop making the base game the competitive game. Every other game had standard settings then adaptions for the competitive playlist. No radar, br start, less autos, incorporate KoTH and Oddball.
  3. F/A looking for mature players gt - XXL twitter - Dub_XL
  4. Looking for onyx level players. I'v been champ a few times in FFA, onyx in multiple/all playlists each season. Looking for sweaties with good attitudes and a mic
  5. XXL

    OT of GD

    Has anyone else been getting some odd melee registrations or lack of registrations since the last update/past couple of days? I've been getting some really annoying melees that have as much effectiveness as whipping my enemy with a wet towel... It could be my own net but a couple of guys I play with have been experiencing the same thing.
  6. H1 - 8 H2 - 7 H3 - 7 HR - 4 H4 - 3 H5 - 5 H1-3 are all good for different reasons, peoples favourite I feel depends on which one they played the most/played seriously. HR was the start of a pretty steady decline in terms of enjoyment and population, and H4, well least said about it the better really. H5 has potential, it just needs to do some basic, obvious things to improve the overall experience and preferably get it right from the get go to maintain a population rather than attempting to salvage it a few months later.
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